Living Prosperity, True Receptivity

March 12, 2012
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For years I blocked the flow of prosperity in my life and I didn’t even realize it. Some of my loved ones had labeled me as selfish and so I began to think that was true. Many folks I met believed it was “better to give then to receive.” And so I began to believe that it was BAD to receive. I began to notice that many people gave with strings attached. Sometimes those strings were simply expectations.

I couldn’t stand all those strings and expectations. I didn’t like believing that I was selfish. So, I began to strive to be independent and not need things from people. I became a hesitant receiver, and sometimes even a poor receiver.

People would try to give me help or assistance, gifts and other things and I would reject them, fearing the strings and expectations. I preferred not to owe anyone. I preferred to feel free.

And so, I actually became a really poor receiver. I was a great giver and a poor receiver.

And then I started to have really intense financial challenges and I had no idea how to get out of them. With the help of my spiritual practitioner I began to work on praying to be receptive.

I began to reorient myself to be a good and gracious receiver.

I began to think of it this way: Everything I receive is from God and everything I give I give to God.

It doesn’t really matter who is giving or who is receiving – It’s all about being in the flow of the All Good.

I learned to be able to give to anyone when I felt called and not do it from obligation. I learned to receive from from anyone and not feel an attachment.

I began to experience more affluence, more abundance and more prosperity right away.

Are you a good receiver? Start to make an inquiry into your giving and receiving abilities. If you’re not feeling the flow, maybe you’re not willing to receive? Take a look and see what you find in your heart!


I AM receptive to the All Good of God!

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