Don’t Catch Crazy Thinking!

April 19, 2017
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Cats are so funny!

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With the change of seasons and weather changes, people sometimes think there’s a higher likelihood of getting a cold or flu.

Someone once told me they were out sick for a week with the flu and they blamed it on the warmer weather. In the course of our conversation, he said, at least three times, that the exceptionally warm weather in his part of the country had caused him to be sick.


If this thinking were true, wouldn’t everyone who went on a warm winter vacation get sick?

Do viruses cause us to be sick?

Does winter have a new name?
“Hay fever season, formerly known as spring, has begun.”

Hay fever season? Flu season?  What???

I AM interested in truth and this kind of thinking is truly a mental virus that we can put an end to by no longer contributing to this kind of viral thinking.

Do you ever feel afraid of catching a flu?

Wouldn’t being afraid lower your vibration and contribute to feeling unwell.  Let’s not “catch” this kind of thinking!

What if you KNEW that whether you got the flu or you didn’t, it was for your highest and best?

When we’re practicing being loving, patient, kind, generous, and compassionate, then we’re pretty much aligned with the highest and best all the time.  And while we might not like having the flu, it might just be for the highest and best.

Everything works together for our good.  There are no exceptions.
We can relax – even in “flu season” and “hay fever season.”

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