Don’t Reject Your Blessings!

May 15, 2017
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We can accept our blessings starting now!

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For a long time, I actively felt like I was being crucified.  I felt like a martyr of some kind.  In a sense, I was addicted to feeling like a victim – and I didn’t even know it.  I was the one perpetuating it.  I didn’t realize I was rejecting my blessings!

Who among us hasn’t had an experience where the appearance was that something devastating and destructive was happening, only to realize that we’ve been blessed by the experience?

I’ve twice been fired from jobs I wouldn’t have quit. Even though I didn’t like working with the people and their practices.  I was   selling myself short while praying for expansion, Clarity, and Freedom.  My prayers were answered when I was, “let go.”  It took me a minute, but fortunately, I realized that I’d been blessed by being fired.

We’re starting another Living A Course in Miracles series today and I feel so blessed.   This entire series is focused on removing the blocks to Divine Insight, getting off the pain train, and living a more loving life.

My topic today is Ending Your Personal Crucifixion Story, and I’m grateful to be able to share on this topic.  If only one person who listens to my free class today decides to stop perpetuating their crucifixion, it will be more than worth all the time, attention, and energy I’ve invested.

I love this topic and I’m grateful to be kicking off our entire series of 11 classes with such a powerful beginning!

Think about it:  If we believe anyone has done us wrong or that they have wounded us, then we’re probably holding it with a crucifixion belief.  If we believe someone else has done something to us that we feel crucified about, then we’re keeping ourselves in the victim consciousness, which prevents us from resurrecting and rising in Joy.

If we are actively feeling crucified by something that is happening in our body, our family, our relationships, or our workplace, then our thinking is perpetuating that experience and we’re blocking our healing, our resurrection, and our Freedom.

Let’s give all the blocks to Spirit for healing and live happily ever after!  We CAN actively accept and allow our blessings!

It might sound crazy, but receiving our blessings is actually a choice that we can make.  I’ve made my choice.  Have you made yours?

TODAY:  Living A Course in Miracles classes are completely free and we start TODAY!  Click here to learn more and register now!

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