Second Coming

August 8, 2017
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Let’s soar on the wings of the Holy Spirit!

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One of the things I truly appreciate about A Course in Miracles is that it tells us that we’re already perfect.  I like to say, “We’re already as holy as holy can be.”  We need do nothing.  We can choose to do lots of things, but we NEED do nothing because we’re actually already eternal, unprecedented, and perfect.

ACIM tells us that Christ is the Son of God, and that’s what humanity is.  We’re all One in Christ and the only problem we have is that we are deluded into believing we’re fundamentally wrong and bad, and separate from our holiness and from each other.  Because of this false belief of being bad and separate from our perfection, we have a myriad of thoughts that are completely false and manifest as the illusion of problems in this world.

The second coming of Christ can only happen in our minds because we’ve never left our Christed nature except in our delusions.  The time for returning our awareness to an awakened state is here.  It’s unfolding now.

Have you noticed that just in the past few days you’ve felt a strong urge to let go of playing small – for good?  I’m seeing that energetic of choosing Wholeness break out all over!  For those who are willing this is an EXTRAORDINARY time of healing.

And, conversely, I’m noticing that those who are clinging to their old habits and old ways are having increasing suffering.  We’re just not designed to be happy and be stagnant.  We’re designed to be in the flow of Love and when we take ourselves out of it, it’s painful.

Fortunately, we can jump right back into the flow of Love no matter how long we’ve been out of it.

The Second Coming IS happening and, TAG, you’re it!

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