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October 8, 2017
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The gift of a rainbow here in North Carolina at the Art of Living Retreat Center!

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Warning:  You may find today’s Spiritual Espresso offensive.

Something that’s been very helpful to me is to look at the habit of labeling and calling people names.  One of the ways that I best learned about this is driving in traffic in Los Angeles.

One of my past pet peeves would invariably happen when the traffic was at a total standstill, (which it often was during rush hour when I was on my way home driving on the Sunset Strip), and I’d be stopped at a green light because there was no way to go forward and not “block the box.”  I’d be waiting for the people on the other side of the box to move forward so I wouldn’t get caught in the box if the light turned red.

So often, someone coming from the other direction would see me patiently waiting and decide that even though traffic was at a standstill, and I had the green light, they would turn right on their red light and cut in front of me.  There was a time when I had a label for people who would do that.  It’s a label that is basically the same as “butt hole.”  Twenty years ago, I would wish they’d get a ticket and “pay for what they did to me.”

As I began to be more spiritually evolved, I would label “those people,” as, “some kind of hole.”

As I moved further upward on the path, I learned to say this:  “That person has the appearance of being some kind of hole, but that’s not the truth of them.  They, like me, are the perfect Love of God made visible in my life to help me remember my true identity in Spirit.”

I look for the labels so that I can drop them and just stick to the truth.

Now, when people pull that past pet peeve move in traffic, I smile and bless them.

What a relief that I could change my mind!  What a blessing!

I invite you to look at your pet peeves and see if you can turn them into past pet peeves.  It’s SOOOO worth it!

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