Crazy Thinking

June 28, 2018
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Crazy Thinking

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“Get thee behind me, Satan.”

According to my professor in Ministerial School, Rocco Errico, what Jesus said in Aramaic, and was translated into Hebrew and then into Greek, etc. was more likely something like “get thee behind me crazy thinking!”

That interpretation feels more like Jesus to me. The Jesus I know from A Course in Miracles doesn’t seem like someone who would have believed in a devil. He spoke about the worshipping of false idols, and in it’s way, the belief in the devil is a belief in false idols.

Crazy thinking can feel like a demon has taken ahold of us. I’ve felt that many times. And it seems like right now, every single day someone is asking me what to do about crazy thinking.

Almost every day someone is asking me what to do when we feel obsessed with negative thoughts and feelings, when the same repetitive thoughts and beliefs seem to take us over.

This is the main focus of my Finding Freedom spiritual bootcamp class that starts today.

I used to feel that my attack thoughts, the complaints, the judgments, the disappointments and regrets were compulsive and obsessive in my mind. I was so often investing my precious energy in defending against the constant sense of attack I felt.

For decades, I didn’t realize it was emanating from me.
I thought it was happening to me.

As long as I thought it was happening to me, I was defending myself.

I didn’t realize what I now know from ACIM lesson 135 – “If I defend myself, I am attacked.”

By constantly defending myself mentally, I was constantly affirming that I was being attacked and so I was perpetuating it and didn’t even realize it.

Every attack I felt, justified my retaliation.
Every attack I felt was just my interpretation.
It was my perception.
I didn’t realize that secretly I was looking for an excuse to attack.
That was hidden until I became truly committed to being loving no matter what.

I still don’t do it perfectly. I fall down. I get up.

However, I fall down much less often than I used to.
I used to fall down so much it didn’t seem worthwhile to get up! LOL!

The constant sense of failure I had has left me.
Now, I have a constant sense of succeeding.
I’m focused on what I’d like to experience, rather than what I don’t like.

These shifts are made much easier when we focus together and don’t give up.

Eliminating these thought patterns is exactly what my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class is all about. This is where our Freedom is revealed. Freedom is already our natural state underneath all of the punishing thoughts we’ve adopted.

When the thoughts feel crazy – that’s the time to say “Get thee behind me!”
This has been a great tool for me.
It certainly worked well for Jesus!

Let’s give all crazy thinking to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing. Let the suffering be FINISHED! This is our time of Love & Freedom – let’s claim it!

TODAY! My Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class starts today, Thursday. We’ve added extra incentives, and support in order to offer those who are willing to explore and play together in this spiritual bootcamp in order to learn for themselves that God is much less mysterious than we’ve thought! Registration closes TODAY.

We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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