December 12, 2018 | COMMENTS
Many people feel that they want to get some things from Spirit. We’d like improvements in our life. We’d like our prayers to be answered. We'd like Spirit to give us the things we think... Read More


December 11, 2018 | COMMENTS
Last night in Masterful Living class we were talking about a quandary we’ve all experienced. We understand that change and healing can be simple. We get that spiritual practice can be clear and concise -... Read More


December 10, 2018 | COMMENTS
For years I really struggled with being consistent. Like many of us, I was challenged to be consistently loving, kind, generous of heart, patient, and with keeping my agreements. I still make more agreements than... Read More


December 9, 2018 | COMMENTS
We all get the same lessons, and the same opportunities, again and again and again. Because I counsel so many people, I’m well aware that we’re all pretty much the same: The conclusion we draw is... Read More


December 8, 2018 | COMMENTS
God doesn’t punish us. We perceive our challenges as punishment. The ego is a punisher. Punishment is a function of separation thinking. We witness it again and again. When something really upsetting happens, we immediately look... Read More

God’s Got This

December 7, 2018 | COMMENTS
Things don’t always go as planned, but they always are for our good. Last night in Finding Freedom class I was sharing that A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson #25 is a big help to... Read More

Abundance Activation

December 6, 2018 | COMMENTS
Abundance and relationships have a correlation that you might not recognize, but it’s there, and it’s worth paying attention to. First, let me establish this about my understanding of Abundance: Abundance is having plenty. It’s not about hoarding... Read More

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