• Finding Freedom

    Registration closes on June 28th at Midnight Pacific! Heal the Negative Patterns That Keep You Stuck, Heal Your Relationships, and Feel Happier in Everyday Life

    Finding Freedom is a profoundly transformative 7 week Spiritual Bootcamp class to support you in moving to your next level of awakened personal success.

    Reverend Jennifer Hadley leads you step by step through your breakthrough transformation in this comprehensive class.


    • Let me show you how so you can do it too!

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  • Inspirational Writing – Writing Books, Articles & Blogs that Inspire

    Early Bird Pricing! August 16th - 19th

    Thursday to Sunday

    4 days - 3 nights

    Get practical experience, feedback, and training to unlock your creative gifts, and share your inspiring stories in a way that is profoundly uplifting to others. Get out of your head and into your heart so you can pour forth the inspiration that lives in you! Bust up writer’s block and bring on a breakthrough! Come prepared to write and share!

  • Leading/Creating A Workshop – Teaching in a way that is Transformative & Healing

    Early Bird Pricing! August 19th - 23rd

    Sunday to Thursday

    5 days - 4 nights

    There are workshops that convey information – and then there are workshops that change your life! In this 5 day intensive training you will learn from Jennifer Hadley and Jon Mundy how to create and lead a workshop that can be life-changing for the participants. Learn specific tools that are highly successful, and learn to avoid the pitfalls most people make when leading their first workshops. A special section on marketing and promoting your workshop so you can be effective at getting the word out!

  • Inspired Speaking – Preparing & Giving An Inspiring Talk

    Early Bird Pricing! August 23rd - 26th

    Thursday to Sunday

    4 days - 3 nights

    An inspired speaker can give a great topic on a less than interesting topic. This isn’t just about being able to deliver a cohesive talk – this is about being giving an inspired talk that will activate and motivate others to be inspired too!

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  • Forgive & Be Free Retreat

    October 4th - 7th

    Boone, North Carolina

    Forgive that which has seemed unforgiveable so that you can move on ~ Deep forgiveness – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING! ~ Forgive yourself for the poor decisions you made in the past ~ Activate Self-Love, Self-worth, Self-Compassion!

    • Free yourself from the suffering of the past! LEARN MORE

  • Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive

    October 8th - 14th

    Boone, North Carolina

    My strong feeling is that the best way to learn anything is to teach it. We teach best what we need to learn. That has been my experience and I’m forever grateful for my continued expansion and healing.

  • Freedom From Fear

    Replay & Download available now!

    Worried about finances? Anxious that bad things will happen? Afraid that your relationships will never be fulfilling?

    This FREE class is for you!

    Putting an end to fear is not as complex as it seems. You don’t have to suffer in fear, doubt, or worry any longer. I’ll give you practical tips and tools so you can feel more free in your relationships, finances, and day to day life!

    • Free yourself from the suffering of the past! LEARN MORE

  • Weekly Radio Show: Unity FM

    A Course in Miracles : Living the Love, Walking the Talk

    Every Tuesday at 8 am Pacific, Jennifer interviews teachers such as Gary Renard, Ken Wapnick, David Hoffmeister and other beloved teachers of the Course so you can discover the practical steps they took to walk the talk and transform their lives—in the areas of self-esteem, relationships, health, prosperity and more.

    To listen Live or download previous shows visit Unity FM

  • Jennifer Hadley’s Sacred Circle

    Weekly Online Q&A
    Wednesday Calls
    2pm Eastern

    I’m now offering a very low-cost membership program. Here’s what it is:
    You customize the Sacred Circle membership program to fit your budget and you’ll be able to participate in:

    • Four Question and Answer calls every month with me – by phone or in writing
    • Download & replay of all member programs each month
    • Access audio library of replays
    • BIG discounts on new Tele-workshops – YOU suggest the topics (you will save more than the cost of a month’s membership with one purchase.)
    • Members only online chat room
    • Preferred scheduling for Counseling Sessions
    • Preferred / Reserved seating at events wherever possible
    • Member Only gatherings at events where I’m speaking
    • Discounts on Spiritual Support Programs – join with me in some of my favorite programs on topics such as Finances & Abundance, Fitness, Weight , & Detox, Beauty & Radiance, Spiritual Field Trips, Travel

    • A like-minded community walking the talk together!

  • Inspirational Text Messages & More!

    It’s so nice to get an inspirational text message when you least expect it!


    Now you can sign up to receive daily inspirational texts from me, ACIM texts, class reminders, and special offers – sign up only for the text messages you’d like to receive.  Click here to sign up now!

  • How to Get Over It, Free Forgiveness Workshop!

    This workshop & tools are my gift to you! Forgive & Be Free so you can LET GO & MOVE ON. You’ve suffered enough!

    Digital download mp3 workshop, video, book excerpt and more! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can have a healing when you learn how to forgive. Why delay your happiness another day?

  • Practicing the Principles of A Course in Miracles with Jon Mundy

    Thursdays, starting May 3rd to June 7th Understanding the Ego, The Nature of Reality and Our Way Home to Freedom. 

    Gain a better understanding of ACIM and apply the principles of ACIM to everyday life. According to Lesson 101 from the Course, “God’s will for us is perfect happiness.” Remove the blocks to Love so you can be easily led to your own greater happiness.

  • Healing Anxiety through ACIM with Corinne Zupko

    Replay & Download available now! - Two Part 90-minute class

    In this experiential and informative workshop, join Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., author of the new bestselling book, “From Anxiety To Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace.” Together, you will dive into the teachings in her book and begin to open up the way to peace.

    If you are deeply ready to release your anxiety, this class is for you. Instead of allowing the ego to use fear to increase fear, we can learn to use fear to remember Divine Love. Healing from anxiety IS possible.

  • Living A Course in Miracles

    Replay & Download available now!

    Get the tips and tools that have been proven to work!  Stop studying and start LIVING the Course.  You can make a spiritual leap into Living A Course in Miracles. Now is the time to walk the talk and live the love! Discover simple ways to shift from investing your precious energy in habits, beliefs, and repetitive patterns that are unloving and unfulfilling.

  • Living A Course in Miracles: Having a Spiritual Career – Bringing Spirit to Work

    All classes (replays, downloads & transcripts) available for FREE download!

    5 teachers, 11 classes, all free!


    Thousands of people have experienced
    miraculous healing through practicing
    what is offered in these free classes – our gift to you!

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  • Spiritual Counseling Training

    Finding Freedom Spiritual Counselor Training Program is for people who are interested in deepening their spiritual studies, opening their mind, and learning how to be a professional spiritual counselor.

    Jennifer Hadley offers a Spiritual Counseling Training program based on her teachings in her Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp and her year-long Masterful Living Course. You can also take this Training Program simply as part of your deepening spiritual practice and studies.

    • Become a Certified Spiritual Counselor!


  • Living A Course in Miracles: Cultivating Spiritual Sight: Release the Pain Patterns, Expand into Love

    All classes (replays, downloads & transcripts) available for FREE download!

    5 teachers, 11 classes, all free!


    Thousands of people have experienced
    miraculous healing through practicing
    what is offered in these free classes – our gift to you!

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  • Let us assist each other in moving through our fears and emotions so we can be truly helpful and Love ourselves and our brothers and sisters free of any sense of lack, limitation and separation.

    We’ve gathered 3 students/teachers of A Course in Miracles  to discuss this election and what it means for us all

    • This is the moment we were born for. Our time is NOW!

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  • Eliminating Your Pain Patterns

    Available now for Instant Download! - If you’re ready to break through the patterns FOR REAL this is the class for you!

    If you’ve had enough of repeating the patterns, but you don’t know how to shift things, you don’t have to wait, worry or wonder anymore.

  • Thousands of people have experienced
    miraculous healing through practicing
    what is offered in these free classes – our gift to you!

    5 Teachers, 11 Free classes.
    Replays & Downloads available!

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  • Thousands of people have experienced
    miraculous healing through practicing
    what is offered in these free classes – our gift to you!

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  • Pray & Clear

    40 Day Reboot! Physically - Emotionally - Mentally - Spiritually

    Creating space in your life for more Freedom & Joy, together with a group of like-minded souls from around the world!

  • Stop Playing Small Summit ~ Walk the talk, live the Love! ~

    If you have a desire to do what you love, quit repeating the same lessons, challenges & upsets, and live a joy-FULL, purpose-filled life You're in the right place...

    5 successful, spiritual leaders & teachers (Jennifer Hadley, Patricia Cota-Robles, Bentinho Massaro, Alan Cohen, Lee Harris) each sharing their personal spiritual practice and insights that have allowed them to release the blocks to LOVE in order to live a happy, harmonious, life of love fulfilling their purpose, sharing with others… so you can do it too!

    This virtual summit will help you in 4 main areas:

    • Purpose ~ Get clear about your own path & destiny
    • Willingness ~ Release the patterns & blocks that have held you back
    • Inspiration ~ Be inspired to keep going & have a spiritual practice that WORKS!
    • Motivation ~ Be motivated to live from the heart & shine your light!

    Access all the FREE replays & downloads  HERE!

    • Let us show you how so you can do it too!

  • 7 Simple Steps to Interrupt the Pattern of Fear

    If you ever find yourself worried about your finances, afraid that bad things might happen, or anxious that your relationships will never be fulfilling, this FREE class is for you!

    Replay & Download available now!

    Get my #1 Tip to stop fear in its tracks once and for all! Get specific steps to take when you’re freaking out Learn how to experience more freedom in your daily life!

    • Putting an end to fear is not as complex as we think it is! Join me

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