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Living A Course in Miracles

Jennifer Hadley

Studying spiritual teachings, trying to understand them, without fully taking them into your life and your heart can lead to a sense of confusion and frustration.

There are simple methods for applying the teachings of ACIM, and the accelerating your experience for the mind-training in the workbook.

Get the tips and tools that have been proven to work!

You can make a spiritual leap into Living A Course in Miracles.
Now is the time to walk the talk and live the love!

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 Stop investing your precious energy into Habits, Beliefs, and Repetitive patterns that are unloving and unfulfilling.

Putting an end to your suffering is not as complex as it feels. You don't have to live in fear, doubt, or worry any longer.

I'll give you practical tips and tools so you can make a spiritual leap and apply them in your everyday experience of life!

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