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FINDING FREEDOM has been helping people

worldwide for over 10 years!

Here's what past participants have to say.

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FINDING FREEDOM transformed his life.

"Shifting false beliefs is the foundation of cognitive behavioral therapy, which is one of the most researched/evidence based practices in psychotherapy that has the best outcomes on a universal scale, and Jennifer covers HOW to do this in a practical, inspiring, clear way! I highly recommend Finding Freedom for all mental health professionals for the dual benefit of personal expansion and healing, and inevitably being a more loving, clear, helpful therapist."

~ Kelly Lash, MS, LMHC, LPC


"I have released my attachment to a lifelong addiction to alcohol, and today I am happy, content and live in love. Today I have choices, and doing the work in Finding Freedom allowed me to realize this. I am able to use the tools from this program to calm my mind and emotional self. I no longer have flashbacks and anxiety attacks and I no longer self-medicate to relieve the anxiety—I truly have healed this past—and I am able to deal effectively with any anxiety that does come up. This simple spiritual program truly works."

~ Karen in Canada

"It was the wake-up call of my life. Jennifer's invitation to the class was written as if it was just from me. I knew that however challenging I thought it might seem, I wanted freedom from suffering more. Because of this class, I was able to lay down a long-standing self-medicating addiction, and finally love myself, because I was able to feel the Love of myself. A beautiful gathering of the perfectly-intended souls who helped me practice the love, patience, and acceptance I had been yearning for. I achieved true freedom from guilt and shame. The ability to love myself and truly love others, because we are One." 

~ Erin McDonald


accelerated Marsha's spiritual path.

Book a free exploratory call. You will have the opportunity to consult with a trained counselor who can focus specifically on what you would like to experience in life. Let us help you make an empowered decision about whether this is right for you right now. Absolutely NO pressure.    


Earn CEU Credits

This continuing education program has been approved by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. for 34.0 contact hours of continuing education credit, CE#433.