A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

I just want to let you know what a profound healing I have had by taking Finding Freedom. When I entered Finding Freedom last fall I was in terrible shape mentally, emotionally and even physically. My work relationships, my family relationships, my personal relationships and my finances were in so much upheaval. I kept trying to do all the right things, but nothing worked. All the negative thoughts that would run and re-run on a constant loop, day and night. I was depressed, sleepless with worry and anxiety, I closed myself off from nearly everyone... because I felt I couldn't trust any of them... and I felt there was nothing left... I had little hope. I contemplated killing myself. Despite the fact that I felt that it was everyone out there who had done me wrong. I knew that I needed to commit myself to working on getting better and I knew that I needed a 'bootcamp' to hold me accountable and make me responsible. I got in the class and I was skeptical... but I followed the drill! Gradually I allowed the Finding Freedom lessons to sink in. I had a turnaround and the healing that I've had is amazing. It has been seven months since Finding Freedom ended. I continue to do the work and continue to have breakthroughs and healings. I don't even think about those things that used to run through my head... that used to cause me such pain and anxiety. If I were to have a conversation with my former self I would say, "Just do it! You know that you want to do this. Don't hold back! You will not regret it! What do you have to lose... NOTHING! It can save your life like it did mine. All it takes is a little willingness... that is all." Love, Stephanie in Vermont

"In the last two years I have participated in almost all classes Reverend Jennifer offers. Initially, I was very skeptical, but meanwhile my attitude has shifted totally. I now know without any doubt that Jennifer is a wonderful, trustworthy teacher. Her greatest gift and talent seem to be to attract like-minded, gentle hearted, compassionate people from all over the world to come together in virtual groups that are healing and beneficial for everyone who shares the community with an open heart and mind. Everything happens with a very practical approach and in a gentle and kind spirit. With the help of my friends, I have overcome the most painful challenges of my daily life - physically, emotionally, spiritually. I do not know how it works, but I can testify by personal experience that it works. Day by day." Love always, Harald in Germany

"I was well into retirement when I finally realized that I had been totally engaged in a left brained egoic death march all of my life, and that I had actually pre-planned a far different life purpose than I had been living. I consider it an absolutely Divine gift that led me to the teaching and classes presented by Jennifer Hadley. I have taken the classes (Finding Freedom, Living a Course in Miracles, and Masterful Living) and consider them to be the greatest aid imaginable toward my awakening process. And during this process enjoying freedom from fears, judgments, resentments, and finding them replaced with greater peace, patience, tolerance, and acceptance that Divine Order is established and I have a place within to experience it.

Jennifer presents the processes and tools that she used to release the judgments, resentments, anger, and the need to be right that had caused her an early lifetime of suffering. She now presents a living model of extraordinary joy, peace, love, harmony, and service that her students may aspire for, and know that it is also within reach for them if they commit to do the work with consistency and devotion.

I also find that her teachings have provided an invaluable base for greater understanding of my ACIM study." Ken in North Carolina

"I am now on week 4 and just reporting in and letting you know that ‘Finding Freedom’ has been brilliant for me.

I have been A Course in Miracles student for 20 years, but I didn’t realise just how much I was NOT living it and how much resistance I was putting up. You keep the ‘Finding Freedom’ course simple, but effective. Thank you.

I would like to thank you for all the years of effort and training that you put in, so that people like myself could reap the benefits and share in what you have learned." Ngaire in England

"There is no way that words can express the overwhelming sense of gratitude I feel for the incredible healing and love that I now experience in life. And all of this is due to my choosing to listen to Jennifer's wisdom and to do the inner work using her effective tools. I had lived many decades in fear and denial so it is no surprise that resistance and fear were strong within me when I first took Finding Freedom a year ago, and then again last fall with the commitment to really do the work. The extent of my healing and increasing peace and happiness was such that by the end of the year I signed up for the year long Masterful Living course. So, 12 months after starting Finding Freedom and 7 months into Masterful Living, I have forgiven and am now free from all the hurt and pain that life had thrown at me, free from all the suffering and depths of despair into which I had fallen. The healing is miraculous. I didn't know that these feelings even existed and am now in the most beautiful flow of love and gratitude. There is a way out of fear and stress and unhappiness due to life not being what you want and this is it. These practices and tools work. As Jennifer often says, 'No one can do the work for you.' I am so grateful that in doing the work I can be an example of having a life filled with love and joy." Love, Susan in Kentucky

"To sum it up in one word, Finding Freedom is "Rich". It is a treasure chest 'rich' with profoundly helpful tools for your spiritual journey and 'rich' in its message that deeply awakens within you the awareness of the Truth. Finding Freedom awakens a spiritual journey that becomes your life, not separate from it. Reverend Jennifer generously shares her personal journey of awakening that we may all benefit. The information and tools she shares help you to intimately weave spirit into all that you do and every moment of your day. As I sit here reviewing the table of contents for each week's class, I see clearly how the tools and information have become synthesized into my life. The tools are tremendously helpful. I still use them every day and cannot imagine not using them. I took Living ACIM 1 and followed that with Finding Freedom. Then I took Living ACIM 2 and took Finding Freedom a second time. Now I am in Masterful Living. Finding Freedom provides a solid foundation for transforming your life completely." Love, Lisa in Florida

"Finding Freedom is so worth it :

It helps you open up and share. It helps you to let go of what is holding you down / back. It helps you make that CONNECTION with the, Higher Holy Spirit Self, stronger. It helps you move from your mind into your heart. It teaches you to work in the invisible. If you want to wake up in the morning joyous, then turn your knowledge into daily practice. You have nothing to lose but sadness, suffering and being stuck.

This is how it worked for me, the healing is beautiful." Love and Blessings, Mary Boston, Mass

"I've been a spiritual seeker much of my life, and a student of A Course in Miracles since 2000. Last year, at the age of 74, still not at peace and having problems in many areas of my life, plus an addiction to sleeping pills, I signed up for Finding Freedom because a "spiritual boot camp" sounded like just what I needed.

After going through Finding Freedom twice and seeing many of my issues dissolve, I signed up for Masterful Living this year and plan to take it again. Believe me, these classes will help you stay in, and stick to, a spiritual practice of living that will soon prove to you that it really does work. I'm off the sleeping pills now, my relationships and physical health are improving, and many things I've sought after much of my life are happening all around me, more and more frequently.

As this world around us becomes more and more chaotic and crazy, Jennifer Hadley's classes, along with A Course in Miracles, are the perfect antidote to all the noise and insanity. Taking these classes have brought me to the peace I long sought after, and so I highly recommend them now to anyone else who might feel as I once did." With Love, Sara in Florida

"I had taken – for many, many years - lots and lots of spiritual studies, workshops, retreats. I have been with spiritual teachers for quite a long time and yet – the breakthrough I was longing for did not take place. Given these experiences I wasn't sure what Finding Freedom would give me.

"I knew the value of practicing on a moment-to-moment, day-by-day basis, rather than just reading and listening, and I loved that Jennifer emphasized that and made it simpler with tools. I was loving the class chat group, even though I mostly just read. By the class midpoint, I found myself really looking forward to Wednesdays. And by the 7th week I truly did not want the class to end!" Gail in Michigan

"The support and structure of Finding Freedom enabled me to finally commit to applying spiritual principles to my life and have led to deep and lasting healing and positive shifts in many areas in my life in which I had previously felt stuck, despite being on the spiritual path for many years. The tools are simple but very powerful and effective, and the support of Rev. Jennifer and the Finding Freedom group helped me to sustain my commitment and momentum. The breakthroughs and healing I have experienced have proven to be lasting and the foundation for deeper realization and transformation. " Karen in New York

"Dear Jennifer, I want to thank you with all my heart because I've had all my life such a resistance and self hatred that kept me paralyzed and in conflict all the time. I've been studying ACIM for many years and … I want to share my testimony of Finding Freedom. I feel for the first time in my life that I matter to myself. I appreciate this valuable, clear and powerful teachings that made me realize in a very practical and assertive way what I need to do in order to free myself from the patterns, attachments, limitations, thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments that were ruining my life. Jennifer you were the answer to my prayers and I'm eternally grateful to you for your clear guidance, your integrity, your enthusiasm and your commitment to Love and forgiveness and to the service of others. You made me see the importance of being heart-mind congruent, 100% devoted to Love, and the service we can be to everyone when we do our forgiveness work." Sonia in Mexico

"Taking and repeating Finding Freedom kept the ideas and practices fresh in my mind and heart. And it does serve well to prepare one for the Masterful Living Course. It is as if I have the basics down. I was able to take more in, notice more and make better choices - something which continues to expand everyday." Francia in California

"It is with ease and delight that I can recommend Jennifer's FINDING FREEDOM bootcamp to anyone seeking inner peace. It was my first real experience of being involved with anything spiritual. It was from Jennifer, my first "spiritual teacher," that I learned that I would find FREEDOM ONLY by GOING WITHIN..... as Jesus says: "THE KINGDOM WITHIN".....It is true and that is what I have done for the last 3 + years. .It was from Jennifer that I first heard that it was my thoughts and belief in my thoughts that was causing my suffering.......I did not have a spiritual "bone" in my body, was a "devout" atheist and/or agnostic my entire life; in fact, I was a psychoanalyst (2nd career) for 20 years, I thought that I could find inner peace and freedom from analyzing myself (training analysis) and by analyzing others. Ha! For me, this has turned out to be a joke. Analysis was indeed interminable (as Freud said). I realized I could be analyzing for life and never be done. INSTEAD, I have kept FREEDOM as number #1 in my life. It's been about 3 years since the FINDING FREEDOM CLASS and I still do my spiritual practices every morning which I were first drawn to in the bootcamp. I still write down and check off about 20 quick and simple self love practices I do every morning. "Partnering up" is one of them. TODAY, I now experience myself as a FREE BEING most of the time, and KNOW myself as a FREE BEING ALL OF THE TIME even when I periodically become "the PERSON" again. Jennifer was my first teacher, and although my path quickly become other than ACIM, I am home and am grateful to her. Thank you Jennifer for my first and many steps. I have transcended my thoughts/my mind to realize my eternal, timeless, SELF..............LOVE YOU ALL!........... WE ARE FOREVER FREE and ONE!" Ellen in New York







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