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Discover this tried and true method to deepen your spiritual practice, heal the negative patterns that run your life and get yourself firmly on the path of awakening!

  • Is your spiritual practice helping you to awaken at a miraculous pace?
  • If not, would you like to find one that really truly actually works for you?
  • Do you study the books but don’t really apply it in a way that expands your awareness and heals your life?
  • Do you struggle with a belief that you’re not good enough, that there’s something wrong with you, that the awakening just isn’t possible for you?
  • Do you engage in self-sabotage & self-medication, which only makes you feel worse about yourself? Like a hamster on a wheel?

I used to feel like a hamster on a wheel, running in front of a fan that was being hit with my emotional and mental garbage.

My Finding Freedom 7 week spiritual bootcamp is a program that works – In this class you develop a foundational spiritual practice that works. You will feel yourself awakening.

This program has been tested and proved by many hundreds of people. I give you the exact things that I did. I know they work. For real. I used the very same tools I’m going to give you that helped me to leave all that suffering behind.

A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley Barbara in Germany—
I had taken – for many, many years – lots and lots of spiritual studies, workshops, retreats. I have been with spiritual teachers for quite a long time and yet – the breakthrough I was longing for did not take place… I can recommend Finding Freedom to everyone who is really interested in shifting life from ‘normal daily situations and burdens’ to a life full of love and peace. Daily life has become easier: less sorrow, less anxiety and much more trust and faith in life and in the divine… The brilliant material you give us, your love and the support that you provide, your constant reminder is such a big help that I know I cannot fail. I know it because I experience it every day.

I used to feel like it would never be possible for me.
I used to work so hard at improving my self only to succumb to self-medication and self-sabatoge and be left feeling like I was spiritually stupid.

I had so much trouble just being consistently loving that it felt hopeless! I secretly felt ashamed that my progress wasn’t faster, that I couldn’t stick to anything, and that I wasn’t REALLY walking my talk.

If what I’m sharing sounds familiar, keep reading.

I’m going to share with you how I managed to get off that Hamster Wheel. How the patterns began to permanently heal. How I finally got the clarity and guidance I was looking for it and how it changed every day of the rest of my life.

Do you feel unworthy or not good enough even though you know it’s NOT true do you still operate as though it is?

Do you ever feel like, with all you’ve learned already, you ought to be able to MAKE it happen? Let’s face it, if you could’ve you would’ve. You can’t MAKE your spiritual awakening happen without a dedicated spiritual practice.

How many self-improvement programs have you tried to fix yourself?

How many wonderful talks and workshops and events have you spent your time and money on and not a one of them changed your life or did anything but give your ego a pat on the back for doing something spiritual?

Did any of those books and classes give you the MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION to actually get you moving and sticking to a spiritual practice that worked?

Do you wonder “why is it others can improve their lives while I’m still stuck in the muck and mire of self-destructive, and hurtful behavior?”

Do you ever feel hopeless, or just confused? I had all those thoughts and feelings, but I don’t anymore.

  • You don’t have to suffer anymore.
  • You don’t have to struggle to improve yourself.
  • Self-improvement is a trap.
  • Spiritual awakening is 100% about healing the belief that you need improving!

Look, I’ll be really straight with you,
this work of breaking free of the suffering to get myself on a path of awakening with ease and grace was absolutely, without a doubt, the very hardest thing I have ever done. And that’s exactly why I created my Finding Freedom 7 Week Spiritual Bootcamp – so you don’t have to do it alone.

In my Finding Freedom 7 Week Spiritual Bootcamp, I will share with you my #1 tip for spiritual success. I will give you the tools that so many others have used to effectively change their lives. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in 7 weeks if you follow what I share.

Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley Ken in Los Angeles—
I was well into retirement when I finally realized that I had been totally engaged in a left brained egoic death march all of my life, and that I had actually preplanned a far different life purpose than I had been living… I have taken the classes (Finding Freedom, Living a Course in Miracles, and Masterful Living) and consider them to be the greatest aid imaginable toward my awakening process… I also find that her teachings have provided an invaluable base for greater understanding of my ACIM study.

My Finding Freedom Boot Camp includes:

A easy to navigate membership site with

  • More than 40 Videos
  • Audios you can listen to online or download
  • A beautiful 400 page workbook to help you stay on track
  • Step-by-step guidance


Membership to my Sacred Circle where (almost) every week you can ask me questions LIVE or in writing – whether you’re able to attend or not. Membership in my Sacred Circle is normally $33 per month & I am giving that to you for 3 months for FREE.

You will get:

  • The proven tools, methods and practices, and the inspiration PLUS support to MOTIVATE YOU to use them.
  • A Community of like-minded souls doing the work together, practicing together, growing together.
  • A Spiritual Coach and Mentor who has done the, THIS work.
Who will walk with you step by step.

Are you willing to do the work to heal the negative patterns that make you feel stuck and hopeless so that you never have to experience them again?

Would you like to be a healing presence in this world.

All you have to do is follow the steps I lay out for you.

Jennifer Hadley with sign that says You can do this!

You receive the videos, the audios, the beautiful bound color workbook PLUS the Sacred Circle membership for 3 months – a total package with a $496 value – for only 397.

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This is NOT a THEORETICAL or intellectual class –

This is a PRACTICAL class where you PROVE it to yourself.
That’s how you really start shifting, healing, awakening
My Finding Freedom bootcamp is about following the steps I lay out for you

Hundreds of people have already PROVEN that these tools work.

Finding Freedom, Jennifer Hadley Karen in Canada—
I have released my attachment to a life long addiction to alcohol, and today I am happy, content and live in love most days…Today I have choices, and doing the work in Finding Freedom allowed me to realize this. I am able to use the tools from this program to calm my mind and emotional self and to work in the spiritual realm. I no longer have flashbacks and anxiety attacks and I no longer self-medicate to relieve the anxiety—I truly have healed this past—and I am able to deal effectively with any anxiety that does come up. This simple spiritual program truly works if you implement the tools that Jennifer lays out.
Finding Freedom, Jennifer Hadley Jeff in Los Angeles—
I had read all the spiritual books, but I wasn’t getting much traction in my life. In Finding Freedom, Jennifer gives you these tools to really dive in and heal and improve your life, inner and outer. The class really got me going. My relationships have improved, my work life has improved and I booked my first professional acting job. I highly recommend if you want to do some real work – it really is an opportunity to heal and feel better.”
Living A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley Susan in Kentucky—
I had lived many decades in fear and denial so it is no surprise that resistance and fear were strong within me when I first took Finding Freedom a year ago, and then again last fall with the commitment to really do the work…The healing is miraculous. I didn’t know that these feelings even existed and am now in the most beautiful flow of love and gratitude. There is a way out of fear and stress and unhappiness due to life not being what you want and this is it. These practices and tools work.
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley Lisa in Florida—
Finding Freedom awakens a spiritual journey that becomes your life, not separate from it…As I sit here reviewing the table of contents for each week’s class, I see clearly how the tools and information have become synthesized into my life. The tools are tremendously helpful. I still use them every day and cannot imagine not using them. I took Living ACIM 1 and followed that with Finding Freedom. Then I took Living ACIM 2 and took Finding Freedom a second time. Now I am in Masterful Living. Finding Freedom provides a solid foundation for transforming your life completely.

If you do the work you won’t fail. Hundreds have proved it to themselves in only 7 weeks in my Finding Freedom class. Like them, you will see results, if you’re willing to do the work WITH me, let’s do it together.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll be exploring in detail:

  • How to activate Spiritual Awakening
  • Healing Self-Doubt
  • Effective Prayer
  • Eliminating Self-Sabotage
  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • Cultivating a Prosperity Consciousness
  • Clearing Negative Thinking
  • Transforming Anger, Guilt and Shame

Are you willing to start really listening to Divine Guidance and actually following it? If this class is right for you, you’ll know.

I believe in this program so much that I am giving you a money back guarantee.

Finding Freedom, Jennifer Hadley

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

This bootcamp transforms lives. I believe in it so much, that if you take the course and do the work and it DOES NOT change your life, I will give you a full refund of the class price. So there is NO risk at all.

Jennifer Hadley Finding Freedom Group

You receive the videos, the audios, the beautiful bound color workbook PLUS the Sacred Circle membership for 3 months – a total package with a $496 value – for only 397.

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Spirit cannot fail. You are spirit. Therefore you cannot fail.

  • Walk with me step by step to your freedom.
  • I am here to support you.
  • The Finding Freedom community is here to support you.

You have seen how this bootcamp has helped so many others. I am giving you specific tools to change your life and I will be supporting you the whole way.

If you are willing to do the work to change your life, this program will help you do it.

If your intuition is telling you it’s right for you, click to register now.

If my Finding Freedom class is right for you right now, you will know it.

Trust that. Trust your own inner guidance.


You receive the videos, the audios, the beautiful bound color workbook PLUS the Sacred Circle membership for 3 months – a total package with a $496 value – for only 397.

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Finding Freedom Alumni get access to the NEW Finding Freedom for FREE!
Click here to learn how.