Forgiveness = Freedom!

  • Are you still managing and coping with old hurts?
  • Is dealing with the past still taking your time, energy, attention and money?
  • Does resentment come up every day?
  • Do you only rarely feel prosperous?
  • Do you need to be right?
  • Does guilt drive your decisions?
Jennifer Hadley with sign that says You can do this!

Forgiveness is the best tool we have for liberating from suffering.  Forgiveness is also one of the most misunderstood things in this world.  Jennifer Hadley will provide tools that you can use to break free of these old patterns very quickly.  People all over the world have used these teachings on forgiveness to turn their life around with ease and grace.  Now is the time for your liberation!  Forgive for your freedom!

Forgiveness = Freedom

4 Classes

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