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I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. They always felt more like a wish and a hope without substance or power—as if they were made to be broken.

I see many spiritual students doing what I used to do:

They set intentions and resolutions from an egotistical point of view: needing to have more stuff to further a sense of themselves through accomplishment.

Their goals aren’t grounded to an intention for their life. As a result, their dreams and hopes and goals all clash together like a misguided orchestra with no conductor!


Every year at this time, I take stock of what I’m calling forth for myself and what I’m ready to release. Then I set powerful New Year’s Intentions.

Even better, I prefer to have aspirations! I don’t mean pie-in-the-sky, wishful fantasy, hopeful dreaming aspirations. I anchor my aspirations in the choices I intend to make moment to moment, day by day.

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I’ve been sharing this in New Year’s Intention tele-classes for many years now. Participants consistently tell me that if they hold their new intentions in their heart and nurture them to fruition, they make a profound difference in the quality of their year.

NOW is the time to bring focus to YOUR choice of intentions for this precious New Year of 2017!


Discover how to anchor yourself with intentions year-round so you can experience greater clarity, strength of heart and fulfillment every day.


New Year’s Intentions ~ Four 75-minute tele-classes

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Your clear, new intentions can make the difference every day this year.

Discover how intention helps you BE the change you want to feel in the world.

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This New Year’s Intention Tele-Class is just one part of the Masterful Living Course.
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Learning to live masterfully is the way out of suffering and into true and peace and lasting joy. There’s no way to experience any of that if you don’t practice what you believe day by day. The only way to succeed is through consistent practice—and the Masterful Living Course—including this tele-class—supports you in that!


No matter how or when you choose to take your next spiritual step, I’m grateful to share in your journey to align with what you truly believe. Let’s ROCK it together!


New Year’s Intentions Tele-class