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March 28, 2011
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You cannot really succeed at the highest capacity if you think you already know what success looks like.  Your limited view will always get in your way.  Any time that you think you know what success “should” be, then you’re anchoring yourself in your limited and conditioned view.  Go for the unprecedented instead!

In order to move into the unprecedented, you’ll want to tune into the vibrations of Prosperity and Abundance.  You’ll want to add the vibrations of pure Love and Harmony.  Steep yourself in these – get to know what they feel like so that you become a broadcasting station tuned to those frequencies.

Intend success.  Expect success.  Without knowing what it LOOKS like, but becoming acquainted with what it FEELS like.  You will retrain your physical, emotional and mental bodies to expect, create and attract that which FEELS congruent.

This is the level of spiritual maturity and mastery that we’re intending.  You must BE it to SEE it!  Go for it!
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