Magnify the Good

April 4, 2011

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Sometimes it seems to me as if our life is an episode of Mission Possible.  Your mission, should you choose to fulfill it, is to be willing to heal, resolve and dissolve all the negativity you created in past lives, and then, while you’re at it, magnify the good!

The thing to know is that you already accepted your mission.  When we don’t actively fulfill it, we begin to experience distress.  Our Spirit knows the mission and is ALL about fulfilling it.  When we get sidetracked with activities and pursuits that have nothing to do with fulfilling our mission we find ourselves in one dead end after another.  Sometimes then people begin to feel that there’s something wrong with them.

There’s nothing wrong with anyone.  There’s only something not in alignment with your purpose.  We’re all here to be the perfect givers and receivers of Love.  When we think we’re here to accomplish things in the world by certain deadlines in order to prove our worth, we’re magnifying the pain and suffering that we’re here to transmute and transform.

Talk with your Higher Holy Spirit Self today and see how you can course correct and get back on track with your mission!

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    I Am Not My Body
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