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Life is always [1] about liberation from fear and the freedom that Love brings.  The most essential key to being liberated and feeling free is to take a strong stand for love.  I cannot do that while simultaneously holding judgment against myself and others.  True liberation requires that I make every effort to be free of resentment and regret [2].  If I intend to demonstrate and experience liberty I must drop all negative thinking. I must be willing to begin with myself again and again, moment by moment no matter what transpired a moment ago.

“The best slave does not need to be beaten. She beats herself.  Not with a leather whip, or with sticks or twigs, not with a blackjack or a billyclub, but with the fine whip of her own tongue & the subtle beating of her mind against her mind.”  These are the opening lines of a poem by the great American poet Erica Jong.  The words ring with such truth [3].  I’ve felt that kind of slavery.  I’ve lived in that bondage.  Revealing Spirit in me and as me is my great liberator.

The freedom I feel now comes from my commitment to living without judgment to the best of my ability in each moment.  In this, I am made new, in this I am born again and again each day.  This is the walk of self-liberation.  Every day I fall down and get up again. Folks see me fall and wince.  They see me get back up and we smile [4] because everyone falls.  No need to judge the judger.

There have been NO days (yet!) where I am completely free of judging myself and others, but that doesn’t keep me from my commitment. My commitment is to my highest possibility and I have made it for eternity.  My responsibility is to all of Life, for I know that as I am lifted all are lifted in the Oneness of all Life.  I will surely get where I am going and there is no race to win.  In the mind of the infinite I am already there if I can but see it and accept it.  From where I stand now, I can see it AND accept it – for myself and for others.  I am so grateful.  It’s not been easy and yet I did not give up.  In this way I move the world in a direction of peace [5] each and every day.

The truth is alive in me and I am free. I stand for love now and always

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