Walking The Talk of Truth

October 7, 2011
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One of the most corrosive forms of violence is the lie. Lies take many forms. When I live to try to meet other people’s expectations my whole life can feel like a lie. When I hold back my feelings and don’t share them when it is important that I speak them, I feel like I’m lying. When I judge someone as being less than a divine being, I’m lying to myself out of fear. Any time I avoid the truth and support a lie it is out of fear. With truth comes love, the love that banishes all fear.

In WITH WINGS AS EAGLES, John Randolph Price writes, “Truth must be realized individually. It must be realized by you, otherwise it is not your Truth. Only your Truth, not the truth, is expressed in your life, not anyone else’s. How do you find your truth? By seeking and finding the teacher within. You see, the Teacher and the Truth within are one.”

Today is a day of truth for me. I honor myself in all situations by being aware of the truth and speaking it when necessary. By speaking my truth I honor myself and those around me. When others speak their truth I know that truth is love and I receive it gracefully. Today I know that “the Teacher within and the Truth are one.” Every day, through my personal practice of nonviolence I reveal a place of more truth, more love, more light. I am the one I’ve been waiting for. My walk of truth is dedicated to the liberation of all beings. I’m so grateful for each and every step.

Today I walk the talk of truth.

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  1. Lynne Lees says:

    The timing as a subject for prayer, “Walking The Talk of Truth,” was so in line with where my thoughts were today. After my friend and I finished listening to last night’s LACIM class and the homework this morning, it was the very topic that came to mind about the happenings in our own respective lives. As she is not a prayer partner, I’m going to forward this to her, I know she will appreciate your insights. Thank you Jennifer.

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