Being Spontaneous

November 8, 2011

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For years I’ve noticed that I’m not very spontaneous and I often appreciate the folks in my life who are. It’s a really nice quality to be able to be spontaneous. It’s like living in inspiration.

Even though some folks who are great at being spontaneous are not good at being disciplined and sticking to their plans, being spontaneous is still a beautiful quality.

What I am observing in myself is that the more I let go of the past, the more I’m available to fully be present in this moment. I notice that my mind likes to consider what is the most efficient thing for me to do and to plan ahead for efficiency sake. This makes sense. I have a lot going on in my life. I like to take good care of myself by being mindful of how I invest the use of my time and energy.

Lately, I notice that I’ll make a plan for a certain sequence of tasks, designed to be most efficient with the time I have. In my planning I’m more concerned about being efficient than I am in what will be most enjoyable for me.

I’m allowing myself to become more spontaneous and to see what I feel like doing in the moment. I know what needs to be done, and yet I’m allowing myself to go forward in a more spontaneous way. I’m practicing really letting go of being attached to planning.

Even though I have a long list of plans for all the classes that I offer, speaking engagements and writing commitments, I can still be unattached to each and every plan. I can live in the moment and be awake to anyplace where I’m becoming attached to outcome or even to sequence. I can do this because I trust myself. I trust myself because I love myself.

My spiritual practice is deepening and I’m getting to know myself more clearly. It’s fun. It’s also part of my plan for extreme self-care. Self-Love can mean cultivating spontaneity. It also requires my ability to discern my intention in every moment. Clarity is key. I’m interested in being clear and pristine. My intention is to always be pristine in my motivations. My choice is for Love.

This is what Finding Freedom is about. Being spiritually mature and disciplined so that Spirit can flow freely and you FEEL free in every moment, regardless of what’s happening. (BTW, you can still join our 7 week spiritual bootcamp class – Finding FREEDOM – check out the details and see if it’s right for you!)

I invite you to notice your relationship to spontaneity and to discipline. Both are important and valuable.


I AM spontaneous in the Spirit of Love!

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3 Responses to “Being Spontaneous”

  1. Sara Long says:

    Well…my cat just leaned on the computer keyboard and my entire comment disappeared! Did it get submitted? I don’t know, so here it is again….(there are no accidents!)
    Thank you, Rev. Jennifer for today’s power prayer…those are exactly the words I was searching for in my FF goal today. Becoming spontaneous. I lack confidence in myself and have an exact plan written out in my work with others, but need to follow the client more, abandon MY plan, and listen to intuitive guidance for what they need to hear. For this I must relax and trust in my HHSS. When my cat gets up I will turn on my printer and print out your message for today.

  2. Lorraine Wilson says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    I’m taking you’re 7 week class for the second time…
    Thank you soooo much for all that you do for all of us….
    The homework class last week had such a loving effect on me.. When
    you helped me to see clearly.. how my staying in peace when others are
    not…helps them to connect with their own peace..and keeps me strong in
    The Holy Spirit…
    Thank you…

  3. Mary Sankus says:

    Dear Jennifer — it was sooo good to see you & hear another fabulous message from you last Sunday @ Agape…
    Thank you for your generous and brilliant ways. I always feel a sense of personal touch from wht you have to say…
    Bless you

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