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November 9, 2011

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Each one of us has a direct connection to Spirit. Very often spiritual seekers can get caught up in thinking they need to go through someone else to get to their connection with our Divinity. It’s understandable.

For hundreds of years religious organizations told us that we had to go through them to get to God. For many religious people, particularly before the printing press, there were virtually no sacred texts for anyone to share. And very few people knew how to read. Religious leaders, out of ego, taught people to depend on them and go to them to get their God experience.

We are the ones who are bringing forth the change from that institutional experience of going to God through someone else to the personal experience of atonement. We are the ones.

I’m so grateful we’re traveling this road together. I love you and I appreciate our connection! In this shared intention of knowing we are One, we are healing all perception of lack. How wonderful!


God is the All in All and I AM One with that!

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3 Responses to “Direct Connect”

  1. Sara Long says:

    Amazing! This is just what I asked for in my FF daily post. I get up early (4 a.m.) and write in the chat page before your power prayer comes on-line…and there it is, exactly what I asked for.
    I took an excellent 6-month hypnotherapy course in 2009-10 for my own spiritual growth and have friends now asking for my help. Today I intend to get my ego out of the way enough that I can let go and listen, and guide my friend into her own innate ability to relax and heal.
    Thank you again, Reverend Jennifer!
    When my cat gets out of my lap I will print out today’s prayer for Direct Connection and keep it with me along with the one from yesterday.

  2. mary hoffman says:

    Woo Hoo is right!
    Got off to a slow start, computer problems, now we’re up and running.
    This morning before getting out of bed. I was thinking I’m staying more connected thur the day, that’s such a big improvement, I was hanging out with the ego, because I could not control my thoughts.
    That was my prayer to the H.H.S.S./ I have my connection!!
    Thank you so much Rev. Jennifer, I love your teachings.
    The video from Gary, was a great bonus. His books lead me back to ACIM.
    Love to Jesus, Gary,and Jennifer, my teachers!
    Thank you

  3. Laura says:

    Hi,this is right on!I am encouraged by Jennifer ‘s thoughts. Please give her a look see. My site at cileyful has many acim members and related. If you,re a spiritual seeker ,love to join with you all as with Jennifer,in this journey as friends. Just let me know you want support as a friend there and I’Ii get back to you and keep you in prayer. Daily expresSo is my morning start up and inspiration. Thanks

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