Receive Your Blessing!

December 28, 2011

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I have noticed, again and again in my life, that I’ll pray and pray and PRAY to have clarity and then when the moment presents itself for me to expand my awareness I turn down a dark alley and go in the opposite direction of clarity.

I’ve done this so many times I cannot count.

And I do not want to do it anymore.

There are so many blessings swirling around, looking to land on each one of us, if we will but receive them.

I’ve been watching my little nephew play a Harry Potter video game and the video seems like my life sometimes – swirls of energy that I get overwhelmed by, confusing hidden messages that I don’t take the time to feel with my heart, even though they contain my answered prayers. I can get totally distracted by something that seems magical and the pull to have a new toy or a distraction – when all I really want is to know God with all my heart.

I believe I can have this pure Love connection with Spirit and live IN Truth and live it every moment!

This is why I share, because in the sharing I am forcing myself to be more present with myself and mine the gold of my experiences, rather than let them drift by me.

I share because I feel God in our connection – the Holy Relationship – YOU are a blessing to me and I am grateful to receive our connection and hold it as precious.

Thank you for being my prayer partner.


I AM ready, willing, able and receptive to God’s Love as my very life.

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One Response to “Receive Your Blessing!”

  1. Thank You Jennifer…
    All your blogs have your heart in them – most of them speak directly to me (and
    I am sure, countless others)! I am reminded of the ACIM message that sharing with the mind is showing that little willingsness that is all the Holy Spirit asks of
    us to enter into our lives – we ascend together – Love calls the Son of God!
    Happy New Year — a blessed one if we are willing!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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