Flowing With the River

January 5, 2012
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I am again recycling a prayer from last year as I am resting my voice. Even though there’s the appearance of illness, I claim it as healing.

In my history the times when I’ve gotten the symptoms of illness where when I need to rest and go within. That’s what I’m doing this week. Retreat and stillness. I feel mostly relaxed and comfortable even though my body is not always comfortable. I feel the purposefulness of this clearing and transformation that’s happening for me right now.

I’ve received so many emails – I’m reading them all even though I’m not responding to them all – you’ve let me know that you too are going through clearings. I invite you to join me in harvesting the wisdom that is available to us at this time.

In past years I might have tried to muscle through and bought it out or manage and cope with it, but that’s not my way anymore. I’m shedding that. The right use of will is to align with Divine Will and that is what we’re ALL being called to today.

My teacher says:
Truth is the teacher of the humble
Time the teacher of the proud.

Humility makes it possible to align with Divine Will – hubris forever delays our healing. Today I invite you to consider where this applies in your life and capture the moment of healing now. Your heart will know the way.

Your prayers have been so supportive and I thank you for them!

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  1. Yvette says:

    God bless you Rev Jennifer as you heal. Through you I see the change to view as illness as an opportunity for healing. I love that!
    Thank you for being my prayer partner,

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