God Completes Me

February 2, 2012
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In the movie Jerry Maguire Jerry says to Dorothy “You complete me.” There’s a sense of satisfaction – these two people, together, are now able to feel complete. Phew!

Unfortunately, this movie’s romantic notion is fundamentally co-dependent – I say this as a true lover of romance. We are Divine emanations, therefore our true nature is complete and whole and always will be.

We are one with each other and that’s why we’re complete.

God is infinite and unlimited and therefore wholeness and completeness must be unlimited too. This means that I cannot be incomplete, although I can certainly grab onto the idea that I am lacking in something. I can FEEL incomplete even if I cannot actually BE incomplete.

If I hold the idea that I’m lacking then I might start out on a journey looking for the things I think I need to complete me. When I go in search of anything with the idea that it will complete me I’ll always be disappointed– guaranteed! Seeking in this way can only lead to the feeling of torture and despair because the sense of wholeness I’m seeking will never EVER be found within the people, places and things in which I am looking to find it.

It’s entirely possible to invest my precious life into looking for people and things to complete me. How long do I have to look? How desperate do I have to get before I desire only to become the one who has eyes to see and ears to hear?

Fortunately my Holy Self knows there’s only one thing to seek and that is greater understanding of my own Divinity. When I know this then I realize that I already have everything I want and need. The Kingdom is within. I had to seek outside myself in order to come to this awareness. I had to feel deep despair and torture until the pain was so great that I prayed for healing. The healing came with the thought “seek first the Kingdom.” In this I have discovered completion in the only place that it can be found. From here, all else is added.

Today, my practice is to find evidence that I am complete and so is everyone else. Today we can enjoy each other and support each other without becoming co-dependent. Today I give up the habit of looking at others with eyes that see what’s missing and instead I choose to see the perfection that is already there. My vision is clear, my intention is pure. I see wholeness in everyone, including the one in the mirror. I am grateful that I am complete and the seeking outside no longer has my energy and my attention.


Right where I Am, God is. All that I need I already have because the fullness of God is right where I Am and ever shall it be so.

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  1. Jennifer Walden says:

    Wow!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this divinely beautiful, inspiring, empowering prayer1

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