Here Comes Valentine’s Day!

February 1, 2012
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It seems like everywhere I go people are putting up the Valentine’s Day decorations. It’s a beautiful holiday and I’ve loved it ever since I was a little kid. I really enjoyed sending those simple little valentines to everyone in my class when I was in grammar school. It was a lot of fun deciding who got which card. I enjoyed being able to give something to everyone. It felt like a big project and I just loved all those hearts! I still do!

One thing that’s not fun about Valentine’s Day is when people get really attached to how it should be celebrated or how it shouldn’t be celebrated. Those shoulds can create a lot of distress.

Sometimes it seems like people feel that either they should idolize their sweetheart or their sweetheart should idolize them – and then if they don’t have a sweetheart there’s something missing. It can feel like a lose-lose proposition.

I appreciate this quote from A Course in Miracles:

Decide for idols and you ask for loss. Decide for truth and everything is yours.”

Worshipping false idols is a road of suffering. Been there, done that, many, many times and I really would like to believe that I’m complete with it!

How about you??


I choose the Truth that sets me free!

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2 Responses to “Here Comes Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Balocco335 says:

    What a great take on Valentine’s Day
    Attachments: expectations sure can cause a lot of pain
    Mine have for sure
    Letting go of that which no longer serves and focusing on truth is hard, but vital

    Thanks for a fresh, and thoughtful take.

    Peace, Love, Light

  2. Virginia Randle says:

    Hi Jennifer, Thank you for being my prayer partner. This morning in my meditation the thought “I want to see the truth” came to my mind. Then I opened my mail and your power prayer is for truth! I wanted to share this harmony and synchronicity with you. In my journal I wrote today:”To see the truth is to know with certainty you are the I AM Presence. The Presence directs the miracles. My perception of love is becoming pure.”
    Kahlil Gibran writes:
    “The Purity of Love”: “And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit. For love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable is caught.” Thank you for being the instrument for so many miracles! Love and Light, Gwendie

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