Balance Supports Mastery

April 26, 2012
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Being in balance enables us to live in a masterful way. If we’re not committed to being in balance we cannot be masterful. Mastery includes living a balanced life which means there is a balance between work and play. We aspire to have balance in how we take care of our body temple. We nurture spirit and nourish our bodies. It’s how we hold ourselves in our mind and balance is always key to our ability to think loving thoughts and take loving action.

If we are in cycles of upset and self-medication, depravation then intending and working towards having balance is an important step. Sometimes people deprive themselves of what they enjoy as a way of punishing themselves and controlling and manipulating themselves. If you are in self-sabotage you are going to feel off balance.

For most people balance doesn’t suddenly happen overnight but with consistent attention on our aspiration it does become our experience and it feels miraculous! I see people I know having miraculous breakthroughs in healing.

Spiritual practice is built on a foundation of Love. Spiritual practice is the key to balance. Balance is the key to mastery.


I AM willing to live a balanced life!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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