Is it True?

April 9, 2012
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It is an act of ego to declare that you are less than God, that you are less than good, that you are less than anyone. It’s a tremendous act of ego to hold the judgment that you are less than. How can you be less than if you’re one with everyone? It doesn’t actually make sense.

Truth is true for everyone. If it were the true that you were “less than”, it would be true for everyone. How could it be that everyone was less than everyone else or, conversely, better than everyone else? It’s impossible, right?

You can see that thinking that you’re “better than” or “less than” is actually insane, if you believe that you’re one. Now, if you don’t believe that you’re one with everyone one, then you’re not aware of the Oneness of all life, but it’s there. It’s here. It’s everywhere and you are at the center of it.

If you’re ever struggling with judgments and opinions, you can ask yourself, “is it true for everyone?” If it’s not true for everyone, it’s not true. It’s not truth.

The truth sets us free. It liberates us. Choose your judgments and you choose limitation. Choose the truth and you choose liberation. You decide what you will serve.


I AM willing to know the Truth and set myself free!


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  1. Ghislaine Veerman says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for you daily massages and your prayers. I read and listen to them every day. They inspire me and help me in my daily practise in going the way of Love.
    When I finished “A Course In Miracles” I started receiving your mails. Don’t know how, but I think it was ment..
    It woud be great to attend a retreat with you, but I live in Europe, The Netherlands.
    Next week I have my own little group for the

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