Love is the Miracle!

April 25, 2012
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In my spiritual studies of the great mystics and teachers, I realized that there are many extraordinary and miraculous occurances. I also came to realize that time and space are linear measurements that we use as a way to view the world and to organize our thoughts about life here on earth. As all the mystics have taught us, time and space are an illusion. Regardless of how real everything seems, it is still an illusion built out of vibrating molecules of energy that are, at their core, (as the physicists have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt), empty.

So Life is energy. It is a field of energy. I prefer to think of it as Love Intelligence.

AND when we can empty ourselves of opinions and judgments, then we can express the purity of Love in every moment, we can reveal the luminous light beings that we are.

What we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands is usually dense. These energy particles are moving very slowly and that’s what makes them appear dense. Spirit is the unseen energy. Omnipresent, ominipotent, omniactive.

Michael Beckwith has a great expression:

“When you believe MORE in what you DON’T see
than what you DO see,
you WILL see what you DON’T see
and you WON’T see what you DO see.”

Are you willing to work in the invisible and have the inner eyes to see and the inner ear to hear the truth that sets you free? Yes!


I AM a miracle of Love!


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