Setting a Deadline

April 9, 2012
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Long ago, I realized that a deadline can be my best friend – especially as a writer. I can procrastinate writing something, but if I’ve got a deadline I get it done. When you’re going to print with something you’ve got to meet your deadline.

One of the things that has helped me, and helped others in my classes is the idea of setting a deadline or completion point. For instance, if you have a habit that you’d like to shift and change, give yourself a deadline.

Many people engage in various forms of self-sabatoge and self-medication. See if giving yourself a completion point helps. In other words, decide how much longer you will procrastinate on something and then let that be your deadline. If you have a habit of watching TV late into the night and then you cannot get up early in order to have time for spiritual focus and practice – give yourself a time limit for how much longer you’ll give yourself for indulging in this self-sabotage.

Giving yourself a time limit can really work. It’s spring! It’s seed planting time. Now is the time to plant the seeds that bring the fruit that nourishes your spirit! Go for it!


I AM actively nourishing the seeds of my greatness every day!

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