Love is BOLD!

May 6, 2012
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Love is bold. What could I ever do that would be more bold than to love someone I thought to be my enemy? How bold it is to love the ones who seek to do me wrong, those who disrespect me, speak badly about me, mistreat me? What could be bolder than to love without conditions, without recognition. How bold it is to look beyond the circumstances and simply love the person regardless of their actions. Why be that bold?

Love is bold because it is both selfish and selfless at the same time. Standing in love I must stand in my awareness of the unity of all life. I choose love because it is how I want to be in the world regardless of what I face.

Goethe said “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” I find that with love it is so easy to pull back, to hesitate, to wait for the “right” moment that never comes and the initiative lost, the love unexpressed.

Today I claim genius, power and magic for myself. I boldly go where I have never gone before. I boldly affirm my intention to love where I have been unable to love in the past. Free from the past, my life and my actions move the world boldly in a direction of peace.

Let me be so bold in my loving that it scares me into being courageous beyond what I ever dared dream of. Let me love with such boldness and such strength that it resounds throughout the universe and inspires others to do the same! Let me love so freely that it takes my breath away and makes me laugh and giggle for no reason at all.


I AM boldly loving life!

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2 Responses to “Love is BOLD!”

  1. Aafke says:

    Wonderful dear Jennifer, thank you so much again! ☺

  2. As I type, I do so with a single hand, as the other remains placed over my heart. Feeling the beating and the warm love I feel for myself. I may be on the East Coast, however you’ve never felt so near. Much Love, Kevin.

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