Eternal Gratitude

June 26, 2012
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Sunday night I took a red-eye to Boston and then drove up to a tiny town in Vermont where I’m going to be camping for a couple of weeks. When I left I didn’t feel well, I was tired. I had a sore throat and a headache. It was a long drive in the pouring rain once I got my rental car. And yet, I’ve been happy all along the way.

The scenery is beautiful here and along the journey. The rain was such a nice change from the Los Angeles desert and endless sunshine. Thunder and lightning were a treat we seldom get in L.A.

I was concerned that it would be raining when I got to the Peace Village (, but it had cleared. I unpacked my new tent – an 8 person tent, I was putting it together myself. I like a lot of room because I have such a massive aura ;-).

I gave thanks to the Devas of the land. I asked permission to from the land to camp there and to share the blessings with the land. I declared a sacred intention in being there.

Looking at my new tent I realized it said that it required two people to set it up. It REQUIRED two people. I declared that there was me PLUS God, plus all the Devas around the land and so I’d be fine. Indeed I was. I’m very happy with the tent! I got my air mattress blown up and nicely situated in the tent and my belongings unpacked and then it started to rain again.

I’m so blessed. I got everything done, with ease and grace, before the rain! I’m grateful that I never go it alone anymore and I love to share the blessings!


I am eternally grateful!

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2 Responses to “Eternal Gratitude”

  1. Kim Thompson says:


    I have been sharing your daily prayers for months and each one touches me. This one, for a reason I cannot explain, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your heart, love, essence, and life with others. I am grateful for my life and the many blessings that fill it, of which you are one.

    Sat Nam


  2. Sydney says:

    Your aura is larger than an eight man tent – it touches me here in Calgary, Canada and continues on . . .

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