Let it GO!

June 27, 2012
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People often think that their peace and happiness are dependent on circumstances. People believe that when the circumstances of their life change THEN they will have more peace and happiness. Because of this people actually give up on being happy and they are deluded into thinking that they can NEVER be peaceful. Do not be fooled – You CAN have peace and happiness.

What it takes is your willingness.

What I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes folks get into an unhappy groove. It becomes so familiar. Maybe their Mom or Dad or significant other had that unhappy groove going on and it is so familiar to them that it feels like home base now.

Many years ago I dated an amazing man whose parents had been deeply troubled and challenged. He had become a heroin addict, but when I met him he was clean and sober and doing really well. We had an instant connection and really enjoyed being together.

After dating a while and getting closer and closer he let me know that he didn’t want to keep dating because when he was with me he felt so good that it made him uncomfortable. He felt he couldn’t handle it. Feeling good was so unfamiliar to him that it was disturbing and disorienting.

Are you willing to be willing to let WHATEVER stands in the way GO so that all you KNOW is God?

The unlimited, unprecedented potential of God is always available IN you if you are willing. Invoke the Higher Holy Spirit Self and open your heart and mind to the TRUE YOU that is ALREADY free!


I AM willing to know myself as FREE!

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2 Responses to “Let it GO!”

  1. Fran McKay says:

    Thank you Jennifer. You are a gifted writer… and every day I feel like you are telling me / reminding me of very important truths /lessons that i need to consider( or re consider! )….
    Every time i read one if your posts i feel comforted,challenged,understood,inspired- and so grateful for you…
    Thank you.

  2. Barbara Dugan says:

    I love to pray with you every morning Jennifer and hope you have a blast in Vermont. I love the rain too. barbara looking forward to Thursday and Friday. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    I Am Not My Body
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