Fame & Freedom

July 16, 2012
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Living in Los Angeles I speak to so many people who are interested in being famous. There’s a real sense of hungering and thirsting after fame and fortune rather than righteousness.

What I know with all my heart is those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be fed – and those who seek for fame and fortune, might find it, but they won’t be fed by it. Spirit is the only true nourishment. That which nurtures the spirit feeds the heart and brings a deep sense of renewal.

So many have fantasies of fame and fortune and all that does is bring more suffering. Here we are, having this experience of the illusion of free will, dreaming that we are dreaming – and within that experience we’re even fantasizing about having a magical experience of fame and fortune and thinking that if we had those two things THEN we would FINALLY be happy.

Seeking after external validation is a particular path of suffering. It seems that perhaps most of it will go down that path in one lifetime or another and the only thing there is to learn on that path is that it is a dead end. Seeking external validation is like having a mantra that says “I am not good enough unless someone else tells me so.” Of course, there will most likely be someone nearby who doesn’t like you no matter what. Even the most beloved people have enemies – and so seeking after validation from anyone is simply affirming that you’re needing and wanting something from the external – we can’t focus on that AND seek the Kingdom at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.

For me, personally, I am grateful that I realized that my #1 interest is having clarity. What that requires is that I focus on purification so that there’s nothing in my awareness that obstructs the clear view, the clear hearing, seeing and feeling as well as knowing. I’m interested in being able to see everyone in my life clearly and know that they are the very LOVE of God, perfectly expressing their Divinity. That is the thing that is most important to me. I’m getting better and better at it and it is absolutely thrilling!

I invite you to see if you are motivated at all by getting validation from others – if so, I encourage you to place it on the altar and choose to see that you are already perfect Love and that is the Truth that sets you FREE!


I AM pre-approved and I know it!

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2 Responses to “Fame & Freedom”

  1. Did the katie work on i was not the daughter my mom wanted.. that led to not the friend patty wanted,, not the caregiver ruth wanted.. so many
    judgements and opinions and neediness. Looking for love. SO this is perfect.
    thank you

  2. Alison Mihlik says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    On this note: I saw Jesse on ANOTHER TV show. I am overjoyed to see his handsome face. When I first took your class years ago at the Bohdi Tree, Jesse and I partnered up to ask each other questions you told us to discuss. We both were in not-so-happy-places and yearned to be in better professional situations but stuttered over where that place was.
    I believe what we really wanted, was happiness in ourselves.
    BUT! at that time, neither one of us knew how to get there.
    A year later, we sat next to each other again, knowing we LOVED being in a Rev Jennifer class. We both had come a long way, but still not “there”. When I got home – Bam! I saw Jesse on the Bev Hills Chef show and thought, darn, we still want more – More CLARITY.
    Well, whenever I see his face, I remember where we were and where we are now and I smile, knowing CLARITY is a journey.
    So, THANKS Rev Jenn – and pass on my congrats to Jesse.

    GOOD JOB to all of us.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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