Open Up!

July 7, 2012
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I used to have such a closed heart. I thought I was protecting myself from getting hurt again – little did I know that all I was doing was protecting the wound that was festering!

I learned to open my heart and let the light in!

I learned that an open heart is the safest heart. When the heart is open and compassionate things can flow right through and there’s less chance of injury. This is something I had to learn and I resisted it. I’m so glad I finally began to try it.

I invite you to play with being more open heart, more compassionate, and less judgmental, less comparing – you’ll find that life is SO much easier!

When we open up to love the healing naturally happens! Let the love flow through!


I AM open to Love and light!

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  1. malu buckmaster says:

    HI Jennifer
    I so appreciate these daily prayers and the spiritual espresso messages. Hope you will be “all better” soon. We are just not our SELFs when we are down with some sort of physical discomfort! I’ve been praying for your healing. Blessings

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