Activate the Good!

September 6, 2012
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Hugs help activate the good! When you love someone a hug can be an activator. I love to hug my niece Olivia and nephew Alex!

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Today, I invite you to engage your faith through practicing placing your trust in LOVE. Love is the healer. Love is the great activator of good.

Together we study peace and love through our spiritual practice. We turn within and study our heart’s desire to know God as our very life. You can practice trusting more in what you can’t see than in what you can see.

You can train yourself to look beyond the image of the angry rude person in your experiences and see that they are feeling frightened and faithless. When you look without judging, you can see their upset as a prayer request. You can see the frightened person whose anger is a cry for love. You can be a healing presence in their life and in your own life because your life is their life!

How many spiritual seekers aspire to be a healer, but are not willing to step into activating healing through their practice of releasing judgment and focusing on Love? Everyone can be a healing presence when they choose to live a life of Love.

When you’re willing to look deeply, each one’s prayer request answers your own aspiration to be more patient and more loving. This is your living spiritual practice of stepping out on faith. The more you practice, the more solid your faith becomes. In this way you learn to see and feel that we really are all One and you are in league with the infinite intelligence of God.


I AM a healing presence. Love is the healer!


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