To Heal or Not to Heal?

September 1, 2012
Spiritual Classes, Jennifer Hadley

My new friend Wolfie is a full-blooded wolf. It was love at first sight! Like attracts like, and we both know a Lovebug when we see one! Now, that's healing!

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For a long, LONG time I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do to have a healing, but I was in resistance and reluctance and I let things get in my way. I had a strong pattern of self-sabotage and I knew it.

I knew what to do about it, but I wasn’t willing to actually DO it.

On one level, it was REALLY painful for me to notice that I was my own worst enemy. I could blame others for my issues until the cows came home, but I was still the one who was responsible for my healing and I knew it, but I refused to accept it.

I was suffering as a result of my UN-willingness.
I knew better, but I wouldn’t DO better.

What changed was my willingness to deepen my spiritual practice and actually CONNECT with Spirit. I became more and more willing to LIVE in accordance with Love.

Finally, I decided to really go for it and clean up my act. Then, everything shifted. Miraculous healing happened. My life turned around in miraculous ways and every part of my life was blessed with Divine Grace.

Are you willing to have a healing?
Are you waiting for something?
Do you know WHAT you’re waiting for?

Let today be the day you decided to GO FOR IT! I’ll go with you! We’ll go together! Are you in?

If so – here’s a power tool for you, use this affirmation: I AM willing to Partner UP! and heal my life!

And if you’d like some amazing inspiration and help with motivation – join me and an amazing group of my friends – we’re focused on healing this fall and we’re inviting you to join us for FREE!!!

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