Looking Back

October 1, 2012
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

Me & Rosemary McGinn ready for the A Chorus Line Gala!

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The last couple of days I was in Manhattan, in my old neighborhood and visiting friends I’ve had for 30 years. It was wonderful!

I stood in the entry way of my old apartment building at 215 West 98th Street waving at the doorman. I lived there when I was in my 20’s – it was the emotional low point of my life when I lived there. The photo today is of me and my roommate Rosemary McGinn. We are all dressed up to go to the Gala celebrating A Chorus Line becoming the running show on Broadway in September 1983 – that was 29 years ago.

I remember it was such an exciting night. My dear friend and fashion designer, Wayne Kastning designed my dress and made it special for me to wear to the Gala – I still have it, but it doesn’t fit anymore! At that time, Wayne and I were HUGE fans of the tv show DYNASTY and Joan Collins was a diva to love or hate. Shoulder pads were IN, baby!

My dear friend Anne Louise Schaut was one of a handful of brilliant dancers sharing the role of Cassie with Donna McKechnie the original. I was SO thrilled for her! Watching her dance that night was one of the most wonderful experiences ever, even though I’d seen her dance so many times before. Michael Bennett had re-choreographed Cassie’s number for a special effect. Rosemary was my dearest friend and date. We had a blast! It felt like a magical evening celebrating the love of dance and creative expression.

That evening was one of the most thrilling evenings of my life. In part, because A Chorus Line is such a beautiful show about the human condition – will you choose to do what you love because you love it or will you do it for ego? Are you giving freely from the heart or are you giving to get? These are the questions we must all ask ourselves many times a day.

It’s so worth it to be in the masterful spiritual inquiry. The more you choose to live every day this way, the more beautiful your life becomes. It’s up to you. Your life really is what you allow it to be. Look for the opportunities to share love and you will have a life of love and healing! You will be a healing presence in ALL of your relationships. You choose! Choose Love today!


I AM willing to choose Love today, all day and every day. My life is a life of LOVE!

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