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November 20, 2012
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

The view of Glendalough

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Yesterday was a wonderful day here in Ireland. Rain was forecast, but the sun came out and blessed us which made it possible for us to travel to Glendalough – an early Christian monastery sight by a beautiful lake, surrounded by waterfalls and mountains. It’s absolutely beautiful and beloved site in Ireland.

My new friends Laura and Penny took me on a hike up the mountain to this spectacular view you see in the picture. Up the top we joined our voices together and chanted in a way to harmonize our chakras and raise our vibration.

It was a beautiful experience and from there we had the choice to decide to go to the very top, climb down the other side and walk back a different way – or to return the way we’d come. We were concerned about the setting sun – it sets very early here.

We decided to press onward and then as we began to walk I felt that it wasn’t quite right. I asked that we stop and reconsider and we decided not to continue, but start back the way we had come. It would have been nice to go all the way to the top, but it did feel more arduous if he had pressed on.

At the bottom we went to the hotel at the base for a lovely meal and over our coffees we shared some of our inner thoughts during the hiking. Penny shared that once we’d decided to press on up to the very top and had begun walking in that direction, she began thinking “do I want to do this?” I think I heard her on an intuitive level and that’s what made me suggest we turn back.

In that moment of decision, it felt as if the ego wanted to climb on and be able to say we’d gone to the top and done the full journey. Yet, I felt that my body would prefer not pushing it anymore. My spirit was only suggesting that I choose LOVE. The loving choice in that moment was honoring the body and Penny was feeling the same way.

Spirit ruled us in that moment and it was a great example of really listening to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. At supper, I knew that we would not have felt any more joyful or complete had we pressed on to the top.

My invitation to you today is to look at anyplace in your life when you are forcing yourself from the ego. We can train ourselves to listen to the Spirit and experience beautiful results just like I did yesterday!


I AM willing to trust in Spirit’s guidance!

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