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December 24, 2012
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

Love from me to you! xo+

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I’m writing this from my retreat with David Hoffmeister at his Living Miracles Monastery in Utah. It’s gorgeous here – there’s snow on the ground and I’ve been making snow angels.

One of THE best lessons I’ve learned in this walk of spiritual unfoldment is to get out of my head and into my heart. For so long I cultivated and cherished an intellectual understanding of spiritual teachings and practices without really living them and without taking them into my heart.

It’s not easy to be wholly loving. The ego is very tempting. However, I’ve learned that Love really is the healer and that we can have a healing even in our most difficult relationships and circumstances. That healing won’t happen UNLESS we move into our hearts and doing it together – practicing the Presence together – is so beneficial. That’s what family can be for if we take advantage of the opportunity.

In our family dynamics, in our friendships, and in our communities are the perfect opportunities for us to practice compassion. Compassion IS Love in the form of understanding.

I used to resist being loving and compassionate. I withheld Love as a form of punishment. I didn’t realize that there’s only One Presence and I was only punishing myself. When I began to wake up and realize the mistake I was making I began to look for opportunities to be compassionate. If there was agitation or frustration or perhaps a “stand-off” with friends or relatives I began to say “I’ll go first. I’ll make the first move to release the judgment, forgive and be compassionate. I’ll go first.”

I began to go first, not so I could show I was better, but so that we could get to the loving sooner. Love IS the healer and I was truly interested in that healing!

During these holiday times if you find yourself withholding loving kindness and patience, if you find yourself wanting to hold onto judgments, if you find yourself wanting to be right and not caring at all about being happy, I invite you to practice the Presence in this simple way:

If you feel agitation or discord, be grateful.
That feeling of upset let’s you know that you’re out of your heart and you’re probably in judgment.
Place your hand on your heart.
Take 3 deep breaths.
With each breath, say to yourself “I’m grateful that Love is the healer. I’m willing to choose Love. God help me choose Love.
Be willing to go first and let Love lead you.

Your heart is the heart of a SUPER HERO. Love can leap the tallest judgment with a single breath! You can be Masterful! NOW is the best time to practice. We’re preparing for the best year of our lives and Love is leading the way!

Thank you for your willingness! I stand with you in Love!

May you feel God’s Love pour through you as a shining example of the Living Christ Presence this holiday season! May you know the blessing of Love that you are in each moment and may your family be blessed in all ways. xoxo+++

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