I AM the Gift of Love!

December 26, 2012
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

What fun to make Snow Angels for Christmas!

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As I write this on Christmas Day from the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah where I’m on retreat with David Hoffmeister I realize that the only gift I’m interested in is my awakening to a full realization of my true Self.

The last few weeks my family were asking me what did I want for a Christmas gift and I truly didn’t want anything and that’s a wonderful feeling. I feel more peaceful than I’ve ever felt and I know that it is because of my willingness to discover what a living spiritual practice really is.

The spiritual qualities of

are all alive in us and around us. They are the gifts of our Divinity. All you must do to receive them fully is value them above anything in the world. This is the kingdom that’s pre-installed within each of us. It’s been there all along.

I’m amazed at how much more I’m able to experience the UNCONDITIONAL and UNPRECEDENTED nature of each of these beautiful spiritual qualities of my Divine nature simply because I’m less and less interested in the judgments and opinions that I’ve made up about the world.

It can seem so hard to believe that all of heaven is just beyond your belief in that one thought of judgment. It really is just like the sun behind the clouds.

Your perfection is always there, immutable. The Oneness will not ever change. I’m interested in valuing the gift of Oneness above all else – that IS awakening to the full realization of my true Self!

Is it easy? I’ve not found it to be easy, but now I KNOW with all my heart that it is a much easier path then trying to find satisfaction in the world. Looking within, walking the talk of Love is the only peace I’ve ever known. I’m so glad to be on this Beauty Road with YOU!


I AM the gift of Love!

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