I’m Looking for the Good!

December 23, 2012
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Christmas in Maine with my nephew Alexander and niece, Olivia! Happy times!

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As we’re approaching the Christmas holiday and the intense family time that some people have at this time, I am remembering how I used to go into the Christmas holiday with expectations of disappointment. i would go into my family gatherings with the ghosts of Christmas Past all around me. In all those moments of the past I went in expecting that it wouldn’t go well, I’d be disappointed AGAIN and I’d get my feelings hurt AGAIN, no one would understand me AGAIN.

I finally realized that I was doing it to myself.

Of course, there really is only One, there is no other.
AND when I was willing to have a new experience by BEING in a new frame of mind – I had a new experience.

Miracles happen!
Be willing to choose again.

This year, let your own SELF be the answered prayer! Be willing to BE different so that you can have a different experience and watch how good it can get!

Love is the only healer there is and YOU are love and so is EVERYONE else and you’re One with them.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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