The Quickening is Quickening!

December 10, 2012
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

You ARE a circle of Light & Love! BE it to see it!

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We are just two days away from the massive 12.12.12 gateway opening. People have been asking me about it and what I’ve been sharing is this – it feels to me like rocket booster.

When NASA sends a rocket to the moon there comes a point when the rocket must eject the used up rockets and fire up the boosters to get OUT of the magnetic pull of density that is earth’s gravity.

My sense is that on 12.12.12 we’re going to experience the LIGHT & LOVE rocket booster that will carry us, in the highest way, into the 12.21.12 LIGHT & LOVE expansion on the Winter Solstice activation and end of the Mayan Calendar.

For those who are paying attention to their thinking, this is a time of much grace and healing.

For those who are focused on their healing and expansion, now is a time of profound ease and grace in letting go of the false beliefs, attitudes and activities that no longer serve their life of Love.

I invite you to plan on investing every minute of Wednesday in focusing on deepening your spiritual practice, dedicating yourself to a life of Love and Healing, sharing the benefits with everyone.

Now is the time that we’ve been preparing for all of our lives!
Let all judgments and opinions fall away!
Be your REAL self, which is ALWAYS loving and compassionate!
Accept and ALLOW the healing that is YOURS FOR THE ASKING!

Please choose to awaken – choose to cultivate and value a pristine awareness. You can do this! There’s never been more assistance in the invisible. Activate the wholeness that you’ve been so deeply desiring to express.

NOW is the time!


I AM willing to BE Love. Beloved I AM. I AM that I AM.

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