Gateway Opening!

December 12, 2012
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Activate your natural luminosity!

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Today’s the day! Make the most of it! Many folks are talking about the 12-12-12 Gateway that we’re in today. I’ve been sharing about it too. Here’s my perception, and I hope you find it helpful.

To me, this expansion of light is like a rocket booster to get us to 12-21-12 and that amazing expansion of consciousness that we’re all bringing forth.

When NASA sends a rocket to the moon there are four key components to success:

  • 1. They believe they can succeed
    2. They are determined to succeed – they have decided to succeed
    3. They have to get the rocket out of earth’s orbit and the pull of gravitation
    4. They have to pay careful attention and course correct the entire length of the journey
  • When that rocket is getting closer to leaving the earth’s atmosphere they eject those spent fuel supplies and fire up the boosters. They need a boost to get out into space where it’s much easier to fly with less effort.

    It’s a great analogy for us. Right now, there’s a huge influx of light, a portal is opening RIGHT NOW and this is activating enormous illumination. WE are the light. We ARE the light.

    The light is illuminating that which we couldn’t see UNTIL NOW. If you’ve been hiding in the darkness of your judgments and opinions, they’ve been tethering you to the density of 3D and right now you have an amazing rocket booster to help you EJECT those false beliefs and all the negative habits, behaviors and upset that goes with them. You don’t have to continue managing, coping and manipulating the circumstances of your life.

    NOW is the time for us to work in the invisible – the world of thought – using the mind that’s in the heart. You literally can, with enormous ease and grace, shift your life in the most extraordinary ways. Take a few lessons from NASA:

  • 1. Be willing to believe that Love IN you and AS you can succeed!
    2. Be determined to succeed – decide to succeed – decide to hold yourself accountable to a life of LOVE!
    3. Raise your vibration with loving thoughts so that you can see, hear, feel and know clearly enough to perceive Divine guidance and act in alignment with it!
    4. Pay careful attention and course correct anytime the ego grabs your attention!
  • YOU are the rocket!

    If you’d like more insight about working in the invisible so you can stop PUSHING DENSITY and release the habit of laboring in vain, then join me on Saturday – I’ve got a free call and you can click here to register now!

    Make the most of this gateway. You’ll be grateful for the rest of your life!
    Your precious life matters – GO FOR IT!

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