When Horrifying Things Happen to Innocent People

December 16, 2012
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

When I was in Salisbury Cathedral I lit three candles in several of the chapels - prayers for all beings to realize the Truth so we will all know that Freedom rings in our hearts. Love is the healer!

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Until we have awakened awareness and can see through all directions of time and space, it doesn’t seem possible that we could ever understand why anyone would hurt someone, especially an innocent child.

How can we possibly understand these acts of violence, except to know that they are a cry for Love? Disasters and other experiences help us to learn compassion, but we can develop compassion without having to be brought to our knees by tragedy. Compassion is loving understanding and we all have PLENTY of practice in our community right now, every day.

I know that for many years I ignored other people’s cries for Love, because I ignored my own. I wasn’t willing to BE the Love of my life and I didn’t have any Love to spare for people that I didn’t think were worth it. I thought my judgments and attack thoughts were valuable and that somehow they protected me from the people I judged. I now know that they were actively, aggressively ruining my life.

I’m so grateful that I’ve changed my mind. I’m grateful that it was even possible for me to change my mind and develop the strength to choose Love when I was SO entrenched in the attack thoughts. (I shared a lot in my free call yesterday – click now to register for the replay) Now, I’m willing to walk in the world holding myself accountable to Love – which is my true nature – and share the benefits with everyone. At first it was such a RADICAL shift that it felt intensely uncomfortable, but now it feels like home.

Is there anyone in your life that you’ve given yourself permission to JUDGE rather than to LOVE? Is there anyone’s cry for Love that you’ve ignored (including your own) because you thought them unworthy?

Isn’t it possible that the person who commits horrible acts of violence is just one loving thought away from making another choice. What if your loving choice is all that’s needed to make it easier for them to put the weapon down. Any attack thought is a weapon of mass destruction. Let us choose to bring forth the golden age of enlightenment one thought at a time, starting NOW!!

All are worthy of Divine Love. You are the vehicle for Divine Love to be expressed in this world – and when you realize this and act in accordance you will discover that your life IS a life of Love and that Love IS the only healer there is or ever was or will be.

Get your healing on!
Heal the world!
Be Loving!
BE THE GIFT that you are born to be and be renewed NOW in the Presence!
Choosing Love is the greatest power there is. Imagine if everyone who had ever done an unkind thing had chosen Love instead and then you’ll understand!

Yesterday, I shared a LOAD of basic tools and tips to shift your life – you can get the free replay or download if you register here to receive it now. I invite you to listen and re-listen as the questions were SO good and the insight was SO clear.

I’ve always loved this song – it makes me tear up every time I hear it. I’m so grateful I’ve developed the ability to turn my heart from fear and hurt to Love and Peace and THIS is the gift of Love!! Share it!
Enjoy the video and sing along

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