Affluence is to Be In the FLOW!

January 27, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

I Pray to Know the Flow of Love!

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The dictionary defines affluence as meaning “to be in the flow.” It used to be that the acquisition of material wealth was not the primary definition of affluence.

How often do you actually feel in the flow? How much of your life experience is one of affluence? I observe that many people do not have a clear idea of what they would like in life. Others know exactly what they like and yet are afraid to say it, to even think it. Both are experiencing some form of resistance to having that which they prefer. It’s resistance to the flow.

Studying the Divine, I notice that Spirit is infinitely creative, always progressive. It is the river of Divine Grace & Goodness that continuously flows in an ever-expanding way. This is our own true nature as well. I think I know this, yet I have often resisted my natural inclination to be in the flow, to be affluent? For me, resistance became a habit that certainly did not serve my path of growth and expansion.

Affluence is a Spiritual quality – omnipresent and omniactive – we can choose it or not. When we choose to believe thoughts of lack and limitation we are taking ourselves out of the flow. We are literally creating a barrier to the experience of Divine Affluence. Sounds pretty crazy, and yet we’ve all done it.

Let today be our liberation day! Let us accept our natural affluent state and let Divine Affluence be our teacher! In the flow of the All Good there’s a whole lot of healing going on!

Masterful Living Course 2013 is just getting started and already folks are feeling the flow of Love bringing the healing. In a few short weeks people are already having amazing realizations and miraculous healing. They’re quickly discovering the power has been theirs all along! You can still join us – we’re at the beginning of an amazing year of transformation and healing. Miracles-Are-Us!


I AM in the flow of Love NOW!

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