Expectation = Attachment = Suffering

January 11, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Freedom is just another word for no expectations!

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In the last few weeks I’ve witnessed a number of people being triggered into great suffering because of their expectations. In every case where we have an expectation, it’s SO worth it to look deeply into it. Suffering is optional. We can live without expectation. We can live a wonderful life without attachment.

Expectation is a “should.”
Expectation is thinking that things should be or will be a certain way.
Expectation moves us into the attachment in our mind.
Attachment is always limitation, always causes constriction, and always moves us out of the flow of Love.

Expectations are always of the ego. The Spirit truly has no expectations. The spirit freely gives and freely receives without attachment and Divine Grace is felt.

Let’s do everything we can to eliminate the distraction of suffering.

How do you move out of expectation and attachment? Love. Love is the healer. Be willing to move into being truly loving which means that all sense of “should” falls away. All sense of giving to get is dissolved and Love flows freely. Now, THAT’S abundance!


I AM in the flow of Love!

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