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January 26, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

Peace anywhere, anytime, NOW!

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One habit that has been so strong in my mind is the habit of making negative meaning out of the interactions in my life that confuse me.

When I felt needy and unsure about a relationship and that person didn’t return my call, I would imagine a negative reason for why they weren’t calling. I’d think it had to do with how they felt about me or how much they valued our relationship. Several times I did this and later discovered that the reason they didn’t call was that something was preventing them. Something I never would have imagined – like a car accident or a lost phone. And yet I had spent hours and days in upset because I jumped to the negative conclusion. I was creating such suffering myself. Little by little I began to be willing to see that suffering is optional. I create it through thoughts of wanting, needing, grasping, hatred and judgment.

People often rush to make negative meaning out of something and then cook up a big pot of resentment stew inside themselves. They ladle this stew all over everything they’re doing that day, that week, that year. When they finally connect with the person whose behavior is so hurtful to them they learn that it was all a simple misunderstanding. The entire pot of resentment stew has been labored over, cooked and seasoned for hours or days, months or years, now turns out to be completely fabricated. It was just a big waste of time and energy.

UNLESS, in that moment, of realization – when you see it was all a mis-take, a misperception, you forgive yourself and you DECIDE to harvest the learning and not allow yourself to do that again. You really can give up the right to make yourself miserable. It takes real focus and attention to unwind these patterns, but there’s a Divine Alchemy that’s yours for the asking.

All fear is really the result of thinking we want something other than Oneness of all life. If we value separation, if we think that we want something that cannot be found within and that we must have it, we will always be suffering.

We could solve the world’s problems if we all gave up making resentment stew. We could certainly have peace on earth if we decided to give up the habit of making negative meaning out of circumstances. Are you willing to give the Higher Holy Spirit Self the heavy lifting?

And if you’d like real support this year in truly transforming the habits of resentment and regret – consider joining us in Masterful Living 2013. We’re just getting started and already people are having amazing miracles. If you’d like real support we’ve got it for YOU!

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A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

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