Authenticity Inspires!

February 5, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

Maya shines her authentic beauty & playful Spirit!

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For me personally, the key aspect to my spiritual practice is choosing to be loving, to the best of my ability in every moment. This means releasing all judgment and replacing it with compassion.

When we start with ourselves it’s so much FASTER. I’m always amazed at how much self-judgment people heal during the year of Masterful Living Course. It’s so much EASIER to have amazing and miraculous healing when we focus on replacing the negative with the Truth. The Truth is liberating.

Trying to stop being judgmental always felt like hard work to me. WHen I choose Love, the judgment fades. It has no power because the only power my judgments can have is what I invest in them through my beliefs.

I’m interested in living in a world where everyone loves and appreciates themselves and everyone else. We’re getting there one choice at a time.

On the way we discover that authenticity is healing. And because of that, authenticity is nourishing and it’s very attractive! The only reason you might feel resistant to being authentic is because you think you’re true self isn’t so great. Your TRUE Self is magnificent! When you’re willing, the Truth will be revealed!

My friend Laurie Scur’s precious granddaughter, Maya, inspired the blog today. Laurie sent this picture and I immediately wanted to share it. That’s the effect of authenticity – it is inspirational! Laurie is a documentary filmmaker and she’s made a beautiful film about the Beauty of Aging – interviewing women over the age of 80 and illuminating the beauty of authentic women. I encourage you to learn more and click here: Beauty of Aging.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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