Claim It to Activate It!

February 1, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

The Truth is hidden in plain sight. Claim your inheritance!

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We forget that our true identity is already perfect whole and complete. Why, oh, why do we forget what we so dearly would love to remember? Because the means for our healing is blocked. Love is healer and we block the flow of Love when we choose to judge anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Still, we can change our mind at ANY time. It’s easier than you think! So, I invite you to consider this: Stop thinking about it and simply go for it.

Someone in this year’s Masterful Living Course shared that they were experiencing miraculous healing beyond what they imagined in just two weeks of class.

I replied: “You asked for it and it’s revealing itself. When you ask for something that is already yours, then the means to unfold it show themselves! That’s the Truth. Truth is Love and you are beloved!”

Believe it! The good stuff is already yours! Claim it to ACTIVATE it!

When you truly value what is already yours, THEN the means to access it will be given. You won’t know the HOW until you decide to claim it.

Heaven is at hand and awaits your decision to claim it.

Our incentive: Sharing the benefits of our loving life with everyone because we’re One with them!

Don’t you just LOVE that?

If you’re considering joining us in Masterful Living 2013, and have some questions – please join me on Saturday – I’m offering a free Preview call – you can register now and get the download replay if you can’t be there live!

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