The gift you give to yourself!

February 26, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

The lotus on a still pond represents harmonious living!

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If you’ve been studying A Course in Miracles, then you probably have come to the point of asking, “if this world is an illusion then what’s it for? What is the purpose of this? Will somebody please tell me!!!”

In the text it says, “The real purpose of this world is to use it to correct your unbelief.” T1, VI, 4

The gift you can give yourself is to believe in your TRUE self. Your true self has never been broken or diminished or confused. Your TRUE self has never experienced lack and knows nothing about it. Why?

Because lack doesn’t exist.
Lack is actually an illusion.
It’s impermanent, temporal and part of our experience in the illusion of separation.

How could that which is One with All – the All in All, ever experience lack? The very idea of it is crazy!

This is how we wake-up in the illusion. We remember the Truth that sets us FREE because it reminds us that we are already Free and anything less than perfectly Free is an illusion. It’s actually an amazing system!

The gift you give to yourself is the willingness to fully remember that there is NO lack. There’s only a belief in lack that shows up as lack. As you value the Truth, more than the meaning you’ve given to things, you’ll experience that freedom that Truth always brings.

Let Freedom ring in our hearts this day!

This is the topic today on my A Course in Miracles online radio show – The REAL purpose of our existence and the illusion of lack. Each week I answer the questions that people are asking me to address.

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