Trust in Love

February 25, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

The lotus on a still pond represents harmonious living!

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It’s challenging to realize that all the ways we hold onto resentments, take offense, worry and blame actually are giant TIME SUCKERS. They literally slow us down and create a drag on the system. They have the effect of seeming to take us out of the flow of Love – and yet, amazingly, the only way that this can happen is if we choose it.

Taking offense, worrying, and blaming – these are all investments of our attention, time and energy.

When you are willing to invest time in your own healing, you’ll be amazed at how you actually have MORE time to do the things that are valuable and important.

When you replace the habits of judging, complaining and comparing, you’ll find that things like household repairs diminish, late fees diminish, traffic delays and all kinds of things that seem to TAKE TIME begin to decrease and you have more and more time for working in the invisible and living a life of profound Love and lasting Peace.

You can only learning this by being willing to trust FIRST. Place your trust in Love. It’s the best investment there is. It’s the only investment that has true benefits.


I AM willing to Trust in Love!

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    Ego Loses, Everyone Wins
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