Love is Opportunity not a Risk!

March 26, 2013
Living A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Be Willing to leap into Love today!

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Sometimes it feels like the biggest risk is to reach out to someone I love who has been hurtful to me. When I feel rejected and unappreciated is when I most need to feel loved. The Truth is, risk is just a perception. It’s an illusion – Love is never a risk. It FEELS like a risk when I’m not centered in my heart. It FEELS like a risk when I’m in judgment.

The more I walk this path, the more I find that I am the one that must take the risk of the heart or I will lose something that is important to me. I might even lose my connection to my friend. It feels like a risk to make that call because I could easily be rejected again and if I have an expectation, and an attachment then I feel vulnerable and at risk. When I’m anchored in my heart – there’s no risk, only opportunity.

Novelist and poet Erica Jong says “And the trouble is if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” My daily practice of nonviolence has taught me that acting from love is worth the perceived risk, every time.

When I commit myself to opening my heart I can sometimes feel exposed and vulnerable. It takes walking a distance down this path before you can gain the experience that teaches you that nothing is stronger than love. It takes practice to learn that standing in a place of love is the safest place of all.

Today I invite you to risk loving that within YOU that appears unlovable. Today risk loving those people in your life whom you would sooner turn against. Today risk moving down the path of nonviolence in a clearly loving and demonstrable way. Open your heart to Love in the awareness that to withhold and shrink without extending Love is to take the greatest risk of all.


I AM willing to leap into Love!

Are you willing to make a commitment to deepen your spiritual practice and really GO FOR IT? If so, I’m here to walk with you step by step. Let’s do our spiritual spring cleaning together!

It’s never too late. It’s always the perfect time to say YES!!

Love cannot fail. God cannot fail AS you. However you decide to shift into gear, with me or on your own – NOW is the time to ACTIVATE YOUR LIBERATION from fear and suffering, lack and limitation!

The first thing you must do is decide YOU ARE WORTH IT! Be willing to take your commitment up a notch starting right now!

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